Xingwu Liu

According to our database1, Xingwu Liu authored at least 37 papers between 2003 and 2019.

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McDiarmid-Type Inequalities for Graph-Dependent Variables and Stability Bounds.
CoRR, 2019

An Improved Speedup Factor for Sporadic Tasks with Constrained Deadlines under Dynamic Priority Scheduling.
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MEMN: Multiple Vectors Embedding for Multi-Label Networks.
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An Improved Speedup Factor for Sporadic Tasks with Constrained Deadlines Under Dynamic Priority Scheduling.
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On the ERM Principle With Networked Data.
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On the ERM Principle with Networked Data.
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Variable Version Lovász Local Lemma: Beyond Shearer's Bound.
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Partial Sorting Problem on Evolving Data.
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The Consistency Analysis of Secondary Index on Distributed Ordered Tables.
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Variable-Version Lovász Local Lemma: Beyond Shearer's Bound.
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Maximum bipartite matchings with low rank data: Locality and perturbation analysis.
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Community Detection: a Refined Axiomization and Beyond.
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Detecting Anomaly in Traffic Flow from Road Similarity Analysis.
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Communities in Preference Networks: Refined Axioms and Beyond.
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Shortest Paths on Evolving Graphs.
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Delay analysis of two-hop network-coded delay-tolerant networks.
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An Adaptive Spanning Tree-Based Data Collection Scheme in Wireless Sensor Networks.
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On the Near-Linear Correlation of the Eigenvalues Across BLOSUM Matrices.
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How to Select the Top k Elements from Evolving Data?
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How to select the largest k elements from evolving data?
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Analysis of Block Delivery Delay in Network Coding-Based Delay Tolerant Networks.
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Perturbation Analysis of Maximum-Weighted Bipartite Matchings with Low Rank Data.
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PEARL: Probing Entity Aggregation in Real Life.
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A Chemical Interpretation of GSML Programs.
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The Impossibility of Boosting Resilience of Fully-connected Services for Solving Set-consensus Tasks.
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Revisiting the Impossibility for Boosting Service Resilience.
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Personal Grid.
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Approaching Simple and Powerful Service-Computing.
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A Framework for Data Management and Transfer in Grid Environments.
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