John D. Ainsworth

According to our database1, John D. Ainsworth authored at least 29 papers between 1999 and 2018.

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Addressing the Socio-Technical Challenges of Health Information Exchange Adoption: DataWell in Greater Manchester.
Proceedings of the Building Continents of Knowledge in Oceans of Data: The Future of Co-Created eHealth, 2018

Business analysis for a sustainable, multi-stakeholder ecosystem for leveraging the Electronic Health Records for Clinical Research (EHR4CR) platform in Europe.
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Enabling Patient Control of Personal Electronic Health Records Through Distributed Ledger Technology.
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Out-of-Home Activity Recognition from GPS Data in Schizophrenic Patients.
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User Interface Requirements for Web-Based Integrated Care Pathways: Evidence from the Evaluation of an Online Care Pathway Investigation Tool.
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On moving targets and magic bullets: Can the UK lead the way with responsible data linkage for health research?
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Simulating Realistic Enough Patient Records.
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Mobile early detection and connected intervention to coproduce better care in severe mental illness.
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Using String Metrics to Identify Patient Journeys through Care Pathways.
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Making Audit Actionable: An Example Algorithm for Blood Pressure Management in Chronic Kidney Disease.
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Why linked data is not enough for scientists.
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e-Labs and the Stock of Health Method for Simulating Health Policies.
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Missed Opportunities Mapping: Computable Healthcare Quality Improvement.
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Verbal Protocols for Assessing the Usability of Clinical Decision Support: The Retrospective Sense Making Protocol.
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Sharable simulations of public health for evidence based policy making.
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Obesity Atlas and Methodbox: Towards an Open Framework for Sharing Public Health Intelligence Workflows.
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IMPACT: A generalisable system for simulating public health interventions.
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Preserving consent-for-consent with feasibility-assessment and recruitment in clinical studies: FARSITE architecture.
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Design and implementation of security in a data collection system for epidemiology.
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Implementing a secure, service oriented accounting system for computational economies.
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Experiments with the "Oregon Trail Knapsack Problem".
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