Horacio González-Vélez

According to our database1, Horacio González-Vélez authored at least 56 papers between 1997 and 2019.

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Scalable modelling and recommendation using wiki-based crowdsourced repositories.
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Scalable data analytics using crowdsourced repositories and streams.
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Formalised Composition and Interaction for Heterogeneous Structured Parallelism.
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ParaPhrase Workshop 2012.
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The design and implementation of a novel security model for HealthAgents.
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Guest editorial preface: Computational intelligence for neuro-oncological diagnosis.
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A knowledge-rich distributed decision support framework: a case study for brain tumour diagnosis.
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Adaptive structured parallelism.
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A Grid-Based Stochastic Simulation of Unitary and Membrane Ca^2+ Currents in Spherical Cells.
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A statistical brain-mapping system for the evaluation of communication disorders.
Proceedings of the 10th IEEE Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems (CBMS '97), 1997