Jorge García-Vidal

According to our database1, Jorge García-Vidal authored at least 49 papers between 1991 and 2019.

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Distributed Multi-Scale Calibration of Low-Cost Ozone Sensors in Wireless Sensor Networks.
Sensors, 2019

A Comparative Study of Calibration Methods for Low-Cost Ozone Sensors in IoT Platforms.
IEEE Internet of Things Journal, 2019

Self-calibration methods for uncontrolled environments in sensor networks: A reference survey.
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Calibrating low-cost air quality sensors using multiple arrays of sensors.
Proceedings of the 2018 IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference, 2018

Performance optimization of duty-cycled MAC in delay-energy constrained sensor network under uniform and nonuniform traffic generation.
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Energy-delay constrained minimal relay placement in low duty-cycled sensor networks under anycast forwarding.
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Optimal data compression for lifetime maximization in wireless sensor networks operating in stealth mode.
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Brief announcement: game theoretical approach for energy-delay balancing in distributed duty-cycled MAC protocols of wireless networks.
Proceedings of the ACM Symposium on Principles of Distributed Computing, 2014

A cooperative-ARQ protocol with frame combining.
Wireless Networks, 2011

Power saving trade-offs in Delay/Disruptive Tolerant Networks.
Proceedings of the 12th IEEE International Symposium on a World of Wireless, 2011

An Abstraction Methodology for the Evaluation of Multi-core Multi-threaded Architectures.
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Quality of service through bandwidth reservation on multirate ad hoc wireless networks.
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A Cooperative Vehicular Network Framework.
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A Low Coordination Overhead C-ARQ Protocol with Frame Combining.
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A DRAM/SRAM Memory Scheme for Fast Packet Buffers.
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A Protocol Stack for Cooperative Wireless Networks.
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TrafficNet: A L2 Network Architecture for Road-to-Vehicle Communication.
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Architectural impact of stateful networking applications.
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Study of Internet autonomous system interconnectivity from BGP routing tables.
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Flow Clustering: A New Approach to Semantic Traffic Characterization.
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A Reservation Scheme Satisfying Bandwidth QoS Constraints for Ad-Hoc Networks.
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Design and Implementation of High-Performance Memory Systems for Future Packet Buffers.
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I/O Bus Usage Control in PC-Based Software Routers.
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An Overview of Activities on Wireless Networks in the European Project COST 257 (invited paper).
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FIFO by Sets ALOHA (FS-ALOHA): A Collision Resolution Algorithm for the Contention Channel in Wireless ATM Systems.
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Performance Evaluation of a MAC Protocol for Wireless ATM Networks Supporting the ATM Service Categories.
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A collision resolution algorithm for ad-hoc wireless LANs.
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An exact model for the multiplexing of worst case traffic sources.
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A study of the fairness of the fast reservation protocol.
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A Discrete Time Queueing Model to Study the Cell Delay Variation in an ATM Network.
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