Junling Wang

According to our database1, Junling Wang authored at least 17 papers between 2005 and 2018.

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Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network Based on Automatic Cluster Optimization.
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Design, implementation and evaluation of MOOCs and DBL-based cross-registration.
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Two-layer simulated annealing and tabu search heuristics for a vehicle routing problem with cross docks and split deliveries.
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An Autonomic Performance-Aware Workflow Job Management for Service-Oriented Computing.
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model reduction for linear parameter-varying systems with distributed delay.
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Heuristics for Mobile Object Tracking Problem in Wireless Sensor Networks.
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Mitigating transient loops through interface-specific forwarding.
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Non-blocking message total ordering protocol.
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DPQ: Using A Distributed Priority Queue to Improve Ad hoc TCP Performance.
Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Information Technology: New Generations (ITNG 2007), 2007

Non-fragile delay-dependent guaranteed cost control for uncertain systems with both discrete and distributed delays.
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On selection of candidates for opportunistic anypath forwarding.
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