Koushik Guha

According to our database1, Koushik Guha authored at least 14 papers between 2018 and 2021.

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New pull-in voltage modelling of step structure RF MEMS switch.
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An intensive approach to optimize capacitive type RF MEMS shunt switch.
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Random offset minimization in low frequency front-end amplifiers using swarm intelligence based techniques.
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COVID-19 Diagnosis from Cough Acoustics using ConvNets and Data Augmentation.
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Artificial Intelligence-Based Optimization of a Bimorph-Segmented Tapered Piezoelectric MEMS Energy Harvester for Multimode Operation.
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Optimal Sizing of Recycling Folded Cascode Amplifier for Low Frequency Applications Using New Hybrid Swarm Intelligence-Based Technique.
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An approach to improve performance of an SELBOX TFET using hetero-stacked source.
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Design of a novel structure capacitive RF MEMS switch to improve performance parameters.
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HWPSO: A new hybrid whale-particle swarm optimization algorithm and its application in electronic design optimization problems.
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Design and Performance Analysis of Low Pull-In Voltage of Dimple Type Capacitive RF MEMS Shunt Switch for Ka-Band.
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New Analytical Capacitance Modeling of the Perforated Switch Considering the Fringing Effect.
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Throughput Optimization in Multi-user Cognitive Radio Network using Swarm Intelligence Techniques.
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Fabrication and Characterization of Capacitive RF MEMS Perforated Switch.
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