Le Gao

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According to our database1, Le Gao authored at least 57 papers between 2008 and 2024.

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Remote assessment of Parkinson's disease symptom severity based on group interaction feature assistance.
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A Novel Random Forest Variant Based on Intervention Correlation Ratio.
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Self-tallying e-voting with public traceability based on blockchain.
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Remote Parkinson's disease severity prediction based on causal game feature selection.
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EyeGPT: Ophthalmic Assistant with Large Language Models.
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AASSI: A Self-Sovereign Identity Protocol With Anonymity and Accountability.
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Privacy-preserving multi-party deep learning based on homomorphic proxy re-encryption.
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Communication-Efficient and Privacy-Preserving Verifiable Aggregation for Federated Learning.
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PLDP-FL: Federated Learning with Personalized Local Differential Privacy.
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Research on reconstruction algorithm of power quality data based on self-encoding network.
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Glacier Mass Balance Pattern and Its Variation Mechanism in the West Kunlun Mountains in Tibetan Plateau.
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Reliability analysis on ammonium nitrate/fuel oil explosive vehicle pharmaceutical system based on dynamic fault tree and Bayesian network.
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Energy-efficiency scheduling of multi-cell manufacturing system considering total handling distance and eligibility constraints.
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Arrhythmia Classification Using Biased Dropout and Morphology-Rhythm Feature With Incremental Broad Learning.
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An Oil Painters Recognition Method Based on Cluster Multiple Kernel Learning Algorithm.
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A Robust Hybrid Filtering Method for Accurate Battery Remaining Useful Life Prediction.
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Probabilistic Distribution Modeling of Crosstalk in Multi-Conductor Transmission Lines via Maximum Entropy Method.
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