Xiaoyan Kui

According to our database1, Xiaoyan Kui authored at least 33 papers between 2012 and 2020.

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Visual Analytics for Electromagnetic Situation Awareness in Radio Monitoring and Management.
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An Industrial Network Intrusion Detection Algorithm Based on Multifeature Data Clustering Optimization Model.
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SuPoolVisor: a visual analytics system for mining pool surveillance.
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Cholesky Factorization Based Online Sequential Extreme Learning Machines with Persistent Regularization and Forgetting Factor.
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LCC: Towards efficient label completion and correction for supervised medical image learning in smart diagnosis.
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Nothing Blocks Me: Precise and Real-Time LOS/NLOS Path Recognition in RFID Systems.
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iFusion: Towards efficient intelligence fusion for deep learning from real-time and heterogeneous data.
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Visual Identification and Extraction of Intrinsic Axes in High-Dimensional Data.
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A Collaborative Code Dissemination Schemes Through Two-Way Vehicle to Everything (V2X) Communications for Urban Computing.
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Collaborative Learning for Answer Selection in Question Answering.
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ReActor: Real-time and Accurate Contactless Gesture Recognition with RFID.
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Characterizing the Capability of Vehicular Fog Computing in Large-scale Urban Environment.
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Teaching method Reform of Python Language Programming Course based on Minimum Knowledge Sets.
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