Linbo Qing

According to our database1, Linbo Qing authored at least 32 papers between 2013 and 2019.

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High-Order Statistical Modeling Based on a Decision Tree for Distributed Video Coding.
IEEE Trans. Circuits Syst. Video Techn., 2019

Machine learning-based H.264/AVC to HEVC transcoding via motion information reuse and coding mode similarity analysis.
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Joint Entity and Relation Extraction Based on Reinforcement Learning.
IEEE Access, 2019

Fetal Weight Estimation via Ultrasound Using Machine Learning.
IEEE Access, 2019

An Iterative Framework of Cascaded Deblocking and Superresolution for Compressed Images.
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SGCRSR: Sequential gradient constrained regression for single image super-resolution.
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Adaptive Gradient Information and BFGS Based Inter Frame Rate Control for High Efficiency Video Coding.
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Robust distributed video coding for wireless multimedia sensor networks.
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Image compression via multiple sampling-rate downsampling and super-resolution upconversion.
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CISRDCNN: Super-resolution of compressed images using deep convolutional neural networks.
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Scalable Distributed Video Coding for Wireless Video Sensor Networks.
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DPW-SDNet: Dual Pixel-Wavelet Domain Deep CNNs for Soft Decoding of JPEG-Compressed Images.
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Positive and Unlabeled Learning for User Behavior Analysis Based on Mobile Internet Traffic Data.
IEEE Access, 2018

A New Progressively Refined Wyner-Ziv Video Coding for Low-Power Human-Centered Telehealth.
IEEE Access, 2018

Video Super-Resolution via Residual Learning.
IEEE Access, 2018

A New Regularized Matrix Discriminant Analysis (R-MDA) Enabled Human-Centered EEG Monitoring Systems.
IEEE Access, 2018

From Eyes to Face Synthesis: a New Approach for Human-Centered Smart Surveillance.
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DPW-SDNet: Dual Pixel-Wavelet Domain Deep CNNs for Soft Decoding of JPEG-Compressed Images.
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Research on compression performance of ultrahigh-definition videos.
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Tree-structured Bayesian compressive sensing via generalised inverse Gaussian distribution.
IET Signal Processing, 2017

CISRDCNN: Super-resolution of compressed images using deep convolutional neural networks.
CoRR, 2017

Transcoding method from H.264/AVC to high efficiency video coding based on similarity of intraprediction, interprediction, and motion vector.
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Low bit rates image compression via adaptive block downsampling and super resolution.
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A fast inter-prediction algorithm for HEVC based on temporal and spatial correlation.
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High-quality symmetric Wyner-Ziv coding scheme for low-motion videos.
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Fast Inter-Mode Decision Algorithm for High-Efficiency Video Coding Based on Textural Features.
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Context-Adaptive Modeling for Wavelet-Domain Distributed Video Coding.
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Improving distributed video coding by exploiting context-adaptive modeling.
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Adaptive regularization-based space-time super-resolution reconstruction.
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Fast inter-mode decision algorithm for high-efficiency video coding based on similarity of coding unit segmentation and partition mode between two temporally adjacent frames.
J. Electronic Imaging, 2013