Ling Zhuang

According to our database1, Ling Zhuang authored at least 26 papers between 2004 and 2018.

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Robust recovery of myocardial kinematics using dual ℋ ∞ H criteria.
Multim. Tools Appl., 2018

认知异构网络中基于不完全频谱感知的资源分配算法 (Resource Allocation Algorithm for Cognitive Heterogeneous Networks Based on Imperfect Spectrum Sensing).
计算机科学, 2018

Interference-limited Resource Allocation Algorithm in Cognitive Heterogeneous Networks.
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Efficient Segmentation of a Breast in B-Mode Ultrasound Tomography Using Three-Dimensional GrabCut (GC3D).
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Biorthogonal frequency division multiple access.
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Efficient Resource Allocation Algorithm with Rate Requirement Consideration in Multicarrier-Based Cognitive Radio Networks.
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Discrete Sine and Cosine Transforms in Single Carrier Modulation Systems.
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Applying of network security situation awareness in smart substations.
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Optimization and Implementation for the Modified DFT Filter Bank Multicarrier Modulation System.
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Time-varying multicarrier and single-carrier modulation systems.
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Time-varying modulation systems.
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An Ontology-Based Fuzzy Matching Approach to Semantic Retrieval of Historical Place Names.
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Towards a new reading experience via semantic fusion of text and music.
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Support Vector Machine Based on Chaos Particle Swarm Optimization for Lightning Prediction.
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Multi-fault classification based on support vector machine trained by chaos particle swarm optimization.
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In-depth utilization of Chinese ancient maps: a hybrid approach to digitizing map resources in CADAL.
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Prediction of silicon content in hot metal using support vector regression based on chaos particle swarm optimization.
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A Hybrid Particle Swarm Algorithm for the Structure and Parameters Optimization of Feed-Forward Neural Network.
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Volumetric Meshfree Framework for Joint Segmentation and Motion Tracking of the Left Ventricle.
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Parameter Optimization of Kernel-based One-class Classifier on Imbalance Learning.
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Reducing performance Bias for Unbalanced Text Mining.
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Simultaneous Segmentation and Motion Recovery in 3D Cardiac Image Analysis.
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A Maximal Frequent Itemset Approach for Web Document Clustering.
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