Jun Cai

According to our database1, Jun Cai authored at least 95 papers between 1997 and 2021.

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On the Effective Parallelization and Near-Optimal Deployment of Service Function Chains.
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Synthetic Hybrid-Integral-Threshold Logic-Based Position Fault Diagnosis Scheme for SRM Drives.
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Risk measures based on behavioural economics theory.
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Examining the Influence of Crop Residue Burning on Local PM<sub>2.5</sub> Concentrations in Heilongjiang Province Using Ground Observation and Remote Sensing Data.
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Optimal Dynamic Risk Control for Insurers with State-Dependent Income.
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Dynamic monitoring of wetland cover changes using time-series remote sensing imagery.
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A practical heuristic for finding graph minors.
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On the decomposition of the absolute ruin probability in a perturbed compound Poisson surplus process with debit interest.
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Estimating regional amount of low clouds over North China plain from multi-source remote sensing data.
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A compact power converter for hybrid energy systems.
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