Mahdi Orooji

According to our database1, Mahdi Orooji authored at least 28 papers between 2007 and 2020.

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Segmentation of the pulmonary nodule and the attached vessels in the CT scan of the chest using morphological features and topological skeleton of the nodule.
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Drug Release Management for Dynamic TDMA-Based Molecular Communication.
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End-to-End Performance Optimization in Hybrid Molecular and Electromagnetic Communications.
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Automatic segmentation of Sperm's parts in microscopic images of human semen smears using concatenated learning approaches.
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Task Scheduling Based on Priority and Resource Allocation in Multi-User Multi-Task Mobile Edge Computing System.
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Double-Stage Delay Multiply and Sum Beamforming Algorithm: Application to Linear-Array Photoacoustic Imaging.
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Double Minimum Variance Beamforming Method to Enhance Photoacoustic Imaging.
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Medical Photoacoustic Beamforming Using Minimum Variance-Based Delay Multiply and Sum.
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Image Enhancement and Noise Reduction Using Modified Delay-Multiply-and-Sum Beamformer: Application to Medical Photoacoustic Imaging.
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Eigenspace-Based Minimum Variance Adaptive Beamformer Combined with Delay Multiply and Sum: Experimental Study.
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Linear Array Photoacoustic Imaging Using Minimum Variance-Based Delay Multiply and Sum Adaptive Beamforming Algorithm.
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Photoacoustic Imaging using Combination of Eigenspace-Based Minimum Variance and Delay-Multiply-and-Sum Beamformers: Simulation Study.
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Intra-perinodular Textural Transition (Ipris): A 3D Descriptor for Nodule Diagnosis on Lung CT.
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Co-clustering of diseases, genes, and drugs for identification of their related gene modules.
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A cluster-based key management framework for resource constraint networks.
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Decentralized Hypothesis Testing in Wireless Sensor Networks in the Presence of Misbehaving Nodes.
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Removing the GSC Noise Reduction deficiencies in Reverberant Environments by Proposing Joint AEC-GSC algorithm.
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