Marina Mongiello

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According to our database1, Marina Mongiello authored at least 73 papers between 1999 and 2023.

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A context-aware multiple Blockchain architecture for managing low memory devices.
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Blockchain for smart cities improvement: an architecture proposal.
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Blockchain Technology to Support Agri-Food Supply Chains: A Comprehensive Review.
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Blockchain-based Food Traceability System for Apulian Marketplace: Enhancing Transparency and Accountability in the Food Supply Chain (S).
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Development of a Metaverse Platform for Tourism Promotion in Apulia.
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A Blockchain-Based Modular Architecture for Managing Multiple and Quantum-Safe Encryption Algorithms.
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Digital Age of Consent and Age Verification: Can They Protect Children?
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IOT data-driven experimental process optimisation for kevlar fiberglass components for aeronautic.
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LiquiDADE: a liquid-based distributed agile and adaptive development environment (DADE) multi-device tool.
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Reflective Internet of Things Middleware-Enabled a Predictive Real-Time Waste Monitoring System.
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Pushing the role of information in ICN.
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Linking data in digital libraries: the case of Puglia Digital Library.
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A Computational Model for Mapreduce Job Flow.
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Mining the User Profile from a Smartphone: a Multimodal Agent Framework.
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Description Logic-Based Resource Retrieval.
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