Martín Pedemonte

According to our database1, Martín Pedemonte authored at least 28 papers between 2010 and 2022.

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Addressing Evolutionary-Based Dynamic Problems: A New Methodology for Evaluating Immigrants Strategies in MOGAs.
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Evolutionary multi-objective algorithms for feed resource allocation in dairy systems.
Proceedings of the IEEE Latin American Conference on Computational Intelligence, 2021

Towards a Multi-Output Kaizen Programming Algorithm.
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An asynchronous computation architecture for enhancing the performance of the Weather Research and Forecasting model.
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Exploring Multi-objective Cellular Genetic Algorithms in Community Detection Problems.
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Research platform for cattle virtual fences.
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A Comparative Study on the Numerical Performance of Kaizen Programming and Genetic Programming for Symbolic Regression Problems.
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Accelerating the Calculation of Friedman Test Tables on Many-Core Processors.
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A theoretical and empirical study of the trajectories of solutions on the grid of Systolic Genetic Search.
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Task Parallelism in the WRF Model Through Computation Offloading to Many-Core Devices.
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A Biased Random-Key Genetic Algorithm for Regression Test Case Prioritization.
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Another step to the full GPU implementation of the weather research and forecasting model.
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PUGACE, a cellular Evolutionary Algorithm framework on GPUs.
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