Michael Mendler

According to our database1, Michael Mendler authored at least 67 papers between 1989 and 2018.

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SCEst: Sequentially Constructive Esterel.
ACM Trans. Embedded Comput. Syst., 2018

Logical Analysis of Distributed Systems: The Importance of Being Constructive (Invited Talk).
Proceedings of the 32nd International Symposium on Distributed Computing, 2018

Deterministic Concurrency: A Clock-Synchronised Shared Memory Approach.
Proceedings of the Programming Languages and Systems, 2018

Logic Meets Algebra: Compositional Timing Analysis for Synchronous Reactive Multithreading.
Proceedings of the Models, Mindsets, 2018

On Reconciling Concurrency, Sequentiality and Determinacy for Reactive Systems - A Sequentially Constructive Circuit Semantics for Esterel.
Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Application of Concurrency to System Design, 2018

Timing Analysis of Synchronous Programs using WCRT Algebra: Scalability through Abstraction.
ACM Trans. Embedded Comput. Syst., 2017

Modular Compilation of Hybrid Systems for Emulation and Large Scale Simulation.
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Compositional timing-aware semantics for synchronous programming.
Proceedings of the 2017 Forum on Specification and Design Languages, 2017

A Novel WCET Semantics of Synchronous Programs.
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Denotational fixed-point semantics for constructive scheduling of synchronous concurrency.
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Sequential Constructiveness, SCCharts for Safety-Critical Applications.
Proceedings of the Software Engineering & Management 2015, Multikonferenz der GI-Fachbereiche Softwaretechnik (SWT) und Wirtschaftsinformatik (WI), FA WI-MAW, 17. März, 2015

SCEst: Sequentially constructive esterel.
Proceedings of the 13. ACM/IEEE International Conference on Formal Methods and Models for Codesign, 2015

Sequentially Constructive Concurrency - A Conservative Extension of the Synchronous Model of Computation.
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On the Computational Interpretation of CKn for Contextual Information Processing.
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SCCharts: sequentially constructive statecharts for safety-critical applications: HW/SW-synthesis for a conservative extension of synchronous statecharts.
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Grounding Synchronous Deterministic Concurrency in Sequential Programming.
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Sequentially constructive concurrency: a conservative extension of the synchronous model of computation.
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Constructive Boolean circuits and the exactness of timed ternary simulation.
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Cut-free Gentzen calculus for multimodal CK.
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Computing with streams.
Proceedings of the POPL 2011 Workshop on Declarative Aspects of Multicore Programming, 2011

Is observational congruence on µ-expressions axiomatisable in equational Horn logic?
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An Algebra of Synchronous Scheduling Interfaces
Proceedings of the Proceedings Foundations for Interface Technologies, 2010

Towards a Simply Typed CALculus for Semantic Knowledge Bases.
Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on Logics, Agents, and Mobility, 2010

What Is in a Step: New Perspectives on a Classical Question.
Proceedings of the Time for Verification, 2010

Exponential Speedup in UL Subsumption Checking relative to general TBoxes for the Constructive Semantics.
Proceedings of the 22nd International Workshop on Description Logics (DL 2009), 2009

WCRT algebra and interfaces for esterel-style synchronous processing.
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Constructive semantics for instantaneous reactions.
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Forthcoming Papers.
J. Log. Comput., 2004

J. Log. Comput., 2004

Formal Asp. Comput., 2004

A-maze-ing Esterel.
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Intensional Completeness in an Extension of Gödel/Dummett Logic.
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Editorial: Where Theory and Practice Meet.
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A Compositional Semantic Theory for Synchronous Component-based Design.
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The intuitionism behind Statecharts steps.
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Towards a Model-Theory for Esterel.
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Axiomatizing an Algebra of Step Reactions for Synchronous Languages.
Proceedings of the CONCUR 2002, 2002

Special issue: Modalities in type theory.
Mathematical Structures in Computer Science, 2001

Abstraction and Refinement in Higher Order Logic.
Proceedings of the Theorem Proving in Higher Order Logics, 14th International Conference, 2001

Statecharts: From Visual Syntax to Model-Theoretic Semantics.
Proceedings of the Informatik 2001: Wirtschaft und Wissenschaft in der Network Economy, 2001

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Propositional Lax Logic.
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MOSEL: A FLexible Toolset for Monadic Second-Order Logic.
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An Algebraic Theory of Multiple Clocks.
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MOSEL: A Sound and Efficient Tool for M2L(Str).
Proceedings of the Computer Aided Verification, 9th International Conference, 1997

A Timing Refinement of Intuitionistic Proofs and its Application to the Timing Analysis of Combinational Circuits.
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Describing a Signal Analyzer in the Process Algebra PMC - A Case Study.
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Formal design of a class of computers.
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A modal logic for handling behavioural constraints in formal hardware verification.
PhD thesis, 1993

Compositional characterization of observable program properties.
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Newtonian Arbiters Cannot be Proven Correct.
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Stepwise Refinement of Layered Protocols by Formal Program Development.
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