Miguel Ferreira

According to our database1, Miguel Ferreira authored at least 32 papers between 2003 and 2019.

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C-store: a column-oriented DBMS.
Proceedings of the Making Databases Work: the Pragmatic Wisdom of Michael Stonebraker, 2019

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Towards an Agent Based Modeling: The Prediction and Prevention of the Spread of the Drywood Termite Cryptotermes brevis.
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On the convergence to Walrasian prices in random matching Edgeworthian economies.
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Design and Architecture of a Novel Preservation Watch System.
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Autoimmunity arising from bystander proliferation of T cells in an immune response model.
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Meet RODA, a Full-Fledged Digital Repository for Long-Term Preservation.
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Candidate cycles generation for p-cycle calculation considering SRLGs.
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