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According to our database1, Mimmo Parente authored at least 74 papers between 1991 and 2020.

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Model-checking graded computation-tree logic with finite path semantics.
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Text Mining Basics in Bioinformatics.
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Time-aware adaptive tweets ranking through deep learning.
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A virtual counselor for online social networks (or did I really want to send you my post?).
Proceedings of the First Symposium on Psychology-Based Technologies co-located with XXXII National Congress of Italian Association of Psychology, 2019

An intelligent and private method to profile social network users.
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A Framework for Situated Learning Scenarios Based on Learning Cells and Augmented Reality.
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Modeling cyber-physical systems for automatic verification.
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A private Intelligent Shopping Mall.
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Various Solutions to the Firing Squad Synchronization Problems
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On The Vertex-Connectivity Problem For Graphs With Sharpened Triangle Inequality.
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