Mingjun Dai

According to our database1, Mingjun Dai authored at least 36 papers between 2008 and 2019.

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Zigzag-Division Multiple Access for Wireless Networks With Long and Heterogeneous Delays.
IEEE Trans. Aerospace and Electronic Systems, 2019

Striking a Balance Between System Throughput and Energy Efficiency for UAV-IoT Systems.
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Energy-Efficient Traffic Grooming in Bandwidth Constrained IP over WDM Networks.
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A Study of Deep Feature Fusion based Methods for Classifying Multi-lead ECG.
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Impact of Residual Hardware Impairments on Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access Based Amplify-and-Forward Relaying Networks.
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A Low Storage Room Requirement Framework for Distributed Ledger in Blockchain.
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An Opportunistic Source Selection Spectrum Sharing Protocol for Overlay Cognitive Two-Way Relaying System.
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A New Zigzag-Decodable Code with Efficient Repair in Wireless Distributed Storage.
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Evolutionary study on mobile cloud computing.
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Bandwidth Overhead-Free Data Reconstruction Scheme for Distributed Storage Code With Low Decoding Complexity.
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Influence of noise on transfer learning in Chinese sentiment classification using GRU.
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Design of (4, 8) Binary Code with MDS and Zigzag-Decodable Property.
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A Hierarchical Emotion Regulated Sensorimotor Model: Case Studies.
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Secure TWRC system based on channel quantized PNC.
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