Naihua Xiu

According to our database1, Naihua Xiu authored at least 52 papers between 1999 and 2019.

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Single Versus Union: Non-parallel Support Vector Machine Frameworks.
CoRR, 2019

APJOR, 2019

High-Dimensional Least-Squares with Perfect Positive Correlation.
APJOR, 2019

A Fast Matrix Majorization-Projection Method for Penalized Stress Minimization With Box Constraints.
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The sparsest solutions to Z-tensor complementarity problems.
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Analysis on Newton projection method for the split feasibility problem.
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Constrained Best Euclidean Distance Embedding on a Sphere: A Matrix Optimization Approach.
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Special issue on "optimization and optimal control with applications" for the 9th international conference on optimization: techniques and applications (9th ICOTA), December 12-16, 2013, Taipei, Taiwan.
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Guest Editorial.
APJOR, 2015

Improved Approximation Algorithms for the Facility Location Problems with Linear/Submodular Penalties.
Algorithmica, 2015

A New Active Set Method For Nonnegative Matrix Factorization.
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The Nonnegative Zero-Norm Minimization Under Generalized Z-Matrix Measurement.
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A unified dual-fitting approximation algorithm for the facility location problems with linear/submodular penalties.
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A combinatorial 2.375-approximation algorithm for the facility location problem with submodular penalties.
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Approximation Algorithms for Integrated Distribution Network Design Problems.
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Exact Recovery for Sparse Signal via Weighted l_1 Minimization.
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New RIC Bounds via l_q-minimization with 0 (DOI)
CoRR, 2013

Exact Low-Rank Matrix Recovery via Nonconvex Schatten P-Minimization.
APJOR, 2013

Improved Approximation Algorithms for the Facility Location Problems with Linear/submodular Penalty.
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Improved approximation algorithms for the robust fault-tolerant facility location problem.
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A Global Linear and Local Quadratic Noninterior Continuation Method for Nonlinear Complementarity Problems Based on Chen-Mangasarian Smoothing Functions.
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