Neeru Jindal

According to our database1, Neeru Jindal authored at least 23 papers between 2014 and 2021.

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Fractional Fourier Transform based Riesz fractional derivative approach for edge detection and its application in image enhancement.
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Fractional derivative based Unsharp masking approach for enhancement of digital images.
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Copy move and splicing forgery detection using deep convolution neural network, and semantic segmentation.
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An Improved Technique for Face Age Progression and Enhanced Super-Resolution with Generative Adversarial Networks.
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Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Graphics Forgery Detection in Video.
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A novel approach for detecting roundabouts in maps based on analysis of core map data.
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Potential of generative adversarial net algorithms in image and video processing applications- a survey.
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A passive approach for the detection of splicing forgery in digital images.
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An improved robust image-adaptive watermarking with two watermarks using statistical decoder.
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Graphics Forgery Recognition using Deep Convolutional Neural Network in Video for Trustworthiness.
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Hybrid deep learning and machine learning approach for passive image forensic.
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Improved homomorphic filtering using fractional derivatives for enhancement of low contrast and non-uniformly illuminated images.
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A secure image encryption algorithm based on fractional transforms and scrambling in combination with multimodal biometric keys.
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Applicability of fractional transforms in image processing - review, technical challenges and future trends.
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A sampling theorem for fractional S-transform with error estimation.
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