Harpreet Singh

According to our database1, Harpreet Singh authored at least 35 papers between 1983 and 2019.

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Design of a mobile-based learning management system for incorporating employment demands: Case context of an Australian University.
EAIT, 2019

A new approach for effective retrieval and indexing of medical images.
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A New Hybrid Algorithm Based on Grey Wolf Optimization and Crow Search Algorithm for Unconstrained Function Optimization and Feature Selection.
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Efficient experimental design of high-fidelity three-qubit quantum gates via genetic programming.
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Identification of Missing Carbon Fixation Enzymes as Potential Drug Targets in Mycobacterium Tuberculosis.
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Selection Facilitation Schemes for Predictive Touch with Mid-air Pointing Gestures in Automotive Displays.
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Strike a Happy Medium: The Effect of IT Knowledge on Venture Capitalists' Overconfidence in IT Investments.
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Evaluating Venture Technical Competence in Venture Capitalist Investment Decisions.
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Early to Adopt and Early to Discontinue: The Impact of Self-Perceived and Actual IT Knowledge on Technology Use Behaviors of End Users.
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BDD, BNN, and FPGA on Fuzzy Techniques for Rapid System Analysis.
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An approach to identify influential building blocks and linkages in an information resource network.
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WEAVE: An Automated System for Collating Unstructured Data from WEB and Legacy Sources to Enhance the MRO Supply Chain.
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Conference Reports.
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On bit sequential multipliers.
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