Nuno Sousa

According to our database1, Nuno Sousa authored at least 29 papers between 2010 and 2021.

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Enhanced virtual reality application with tactile feedback for prototyping in-car dashboard surfaces<sup>*</sup>.
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Gait Characteristics and Their Discriminative Ability in Patients with Fabry Disease with and Without White-Matter Lesions.
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The MAL Interactors Animator: Supporting model validation through animation.
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Artificial Neural Networks Classification of Patients with Parkinsonism based on Gait.
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Large Scale Railway Renewal Planning with a Multiobjective Modeling Approach.
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Analysis of postural kinetics data using Artificial Neural Networks in Alzheimer's Disease.
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A scalable localization system for critical controlled wireless sensor networks.
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An Integrated Reusable Remote Laboratory to Complement Electronics Teaching.
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