Oktay Günlük

According to our database1, Oktay Günlük authored at least 59 papers between 1994 and 2020.

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Lattice closures of polyhedra.
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Binary Matrix Factorisation via Column Generation.
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Multilabel Classification by Hierarchical Partitioning and Data-dependent Grouping.
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Robust-to-Dynamics Optimization.
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Low-Rank Boolean Matrix Approximation by Integer Programming.
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Boolean Decision Rules via Column Generation.
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Strengthened Benders Cuts for Stochastic Integer Programs with Continuous Recourse.
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A new lift-and-project operator.
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Erratum to: MIR closures of polyhedral sets.
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MIR closures of polyhedral sets.
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On a generalization of the master cyclic group polyhedron.
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Mingling: mixed-integer rounding with bounds.
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On the MIR Closure of Polyhedra.
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Vehicle Routing and Staffing for Sedan Service.
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Valid inequalities based on the interpolation procedure.
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A Branch-and-Price Algorithm and New Test Problems for Spectrum Auctions.
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