Fan Ye

According to our database1, Fan Ye authored at least 91 papers between 2000 and 2021.

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Secure Interference Exploitation Precoding in MISO Wiretap Channel: Destructive Region Redefinition With Efficient Solutions.
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Communication-efficient distributed estimator for generalized linear models with a diverging number of covariates.
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A Method of Chinese Tourism Named Entity Recognition Based on BBLC Model.
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Field-Aware Knowledge Tracing Machine by Modelling Students' Dynamic Learning Procedure and Item Difficulty.
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An Enhanced Particle Filter Algorithm with Map Information for Indoor Positioning System.
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AI-Tutor: Generating Tailored Remedial Questions and Answers Based on Cognitive Diagnostic Assessment.
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The human touch: measuring contact with real human soft tissues.
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A 3.2-to-4.6 GHz fast-settling all-digital PLL with feed forward frequency presetting.
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A simple Python code for computing effective properties of 2D and 3D representative volume element under periodic boundary conditions.
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An Efficient Task-Based Execution Model for Stochastic Linear Solver on Multi-core and Many-Core Systems.
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Active volumetric musculoskeletal systems.
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Accurate WiFi Based Localization for Smartphones Using Peer Assistance.
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E-science infrastructures for molecular modeling and parametrization.
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The Robustness of "Connecting Characters Together" CAPTCHAs.
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ISAR super-resolution imaging based on sparse representation.
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