Orlando Loques

According to our database1, Orlando Loques authored at least 39 papers between 1997 and 2019.

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Quantum virtual machine: power and performance management in virtualized web servers clusters.
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Energy-Efficient Thread Assignment Optimization for Heterogeneous Multicore Systems.
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Service discovery with time constraints in mobile ad hoc networks.
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Scalable model for dynamic configuration and power management in virtualized heterogeneous web clusters.
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"Minha Saude" a healthcare social network for patients with cardiovascular diseases.
Proceedings of the 3nd IEEE International Conference on Serious Games and Applications for Health, 2014

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Green data centers: Using hierarchies for scalable energy efficiency in large web clusters.
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A decision-making mechanism for context inference in pervasive healthcare environments.
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Runtime Monitoring and Auditing of Self-Adaptive Systems (S).
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On the effectiveness of runtime techniques to reduce memory sharing overheads in distributed Java implementations.
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Improving Data Availability in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks.
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