Ping Zhu

According to our database1, Ping Zhu authored at least 71 papers between 2003 and 2019.

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Multi-scale aggregation network for temporal action proposals.
Pattern Recognition Letters, 2019

Collective relations of fuzzy relational structures.
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Notice of Violation of Academy Publisher Publication Principles "Research on Backward Cloud Model with Uncertainty".
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A note on diversity criterion in decision making.
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A note on communicating between information systems based on including degrees.
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Covering rough sets based on neighborhoods: An approach without using neighborhoods.
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An Axiomatic Approach to the Roughness Measure of Rough Sets.
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Metamodeling development for reliability-based design optimization of automotive body structure.
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Homomorphisms between fuzzy information systems revisited.
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Affine braid groups: a better platform than braid groups for cryptology?
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A Willing Events Identification Method.
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Chinese event place phrase recognition of emergency event using Maximum Entropy.
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Quantifying information flow with constraints.
PhD thesis, 2010

The structural clustering and analysis of metric based on granular space.
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Some improved results on communication between information systems.
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Degree elevation operator and geometric construction of C-B-spline curves.
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Specialization for applications using shared libraries.
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Electron Tomography of Macromolecular Assemblies.
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Developing an Internet Oriented Platform for Earthquake Engineering Application and Web-based Simulation System for Seismic Hazards: Towards Disaster Mitigation in Metropolises.
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