Qun Wu

According to our database1, Qun Wu authored at least 45 papers between 2005 and 2021.

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Steady-state target calculation integrating economic optimization for constrained model predictive control.
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A linguistic distribution behavioral multi-criteria group decision making model integrating extended generalized TODIM and quantum decision theory.
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Economic optimization in transient processes for model predictive control with a dynamic reference trajectory.
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Novel Hesitant Fuzzy Linguistic Multi-Attribute Group Decision Making Method Based on Improved Supplementary Regulation and Operational Laws.
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Approach for Multi-Attribute Decision Making Based on Gini Aggregation Operator and Its Application to Carbon Supplier Selection.
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A Dual-Band Shared Aperture Antenna Array in Ku/Ka-Bands for Beam Scanning Applications.
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Design Analysis of Integrated Passive Device-Based Balun Devices With High Selectivity for Mobile Application.
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Tunable Control of Mie Resonances Based on Hybrid VO<sub>2</sub> and Dielectric Metamaterial.
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A loss combination based deep model for person re-identification.
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Optimising order selection algorithm based on online taxi-hailing applications.
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Application of rough set theory for NVNA phase reference uncertainty analysis in hybrid information system.
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A Novel Efficiency Measure Model for Industrial Land Use Based on Subvector Data Envelope Analysis and Spatial Analysis Method.
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Designing a smartphone app to teach English (L2) vocabulary.
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Process monitoring with global probability boundary-based on Gaussian mixture model.
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An improved channel estimation method for NC-OFDM systems in Cognitive Radio context.
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CMOs interface circuitry for a closed-loop capacitive MEMS accelerometer.
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An Evolution Method of Driving Seat Comfort Based on Least Squares Support Vector Regression.
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