Yilin Zhang

According to our database1, Yilin Zhang authored at least 27 papers between 2009 and 2021.

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Development of a Complex Network-Based Integrated Multilayer Urban Growth and Optimisation Model for an Efficient Urban Traffic Network.
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An Intelligent Dynamic Offloading From Cloud to Edge for Smart IoT Systems With Big Data.
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A Multitask Deep Learning Approach for User Depression Detection on Sina Weibo.
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A Method for Calibration and Compensation of Kinematic Parameters for Recycling Robot in Nuclear Power Plant.
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A Multimodal Feature Fusion-Based Method for Individual Depression Detection on Sina Weibo.
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A Chatbot Solution to Chat App Problems: Envisioning a Chatbot Counseling System for Teenage Victims of Online Sexual Exploitation.
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Modular Integrated Longitudinal, Lateral, and Vertical Vehicle Stability Control for Distributed Electric Vehicles.
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Recent Advances in the Hardware of Visible Light Communication.
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The Design and Implementation of Edge Computing-Based Intelligent Ashcan Management System for Smart Community.
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Research on Statistical Index and Evaluation System of Urban Rail Transit Train Delay Based on Operation Diagram.
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Reducing Seed Bias in Respondent-Driven Sampling by Estimating Block Transition Probabilities.
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Discovering Political Topics in Facebook Discussion threads with Spectral Contextualization.
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When can Multi-Site Datasets be Pooled for Regression? Hypothesis Tests, $\ell_2$-consistency and Neuroscience Applications.
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