Rajiv Kapoor

According to our database1, Rajiv Kapoor authored at least 29 papers between 2002 and 2019.

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Adaptive Technique with Cross Correlation for Lowering Signal-to-Noise Ratio Wall in Sensor Networks.
Wireless Personal Communications, 2019

New scheme for underwater acoustically wireless transmission using direct sequence code division multiple access in MIMO systems.
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Fog removal in images using improved dark channel prior and contrast limited adaptive histogram equalization.
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Iris localization for direction and deformation independence based on polynomial curve fitting and singleton expansion.
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Online Object Tracking via Novel Adaptive Multicue Based Particle Filter Framework for Video Surveillance.
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An efficient interpretation of hand gestures to control smart interactive television.
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A robust algorithm for analysis of intercepted HF traffic under noisy environment.
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Spider monkey optimisation assisted particle filter for robust object tracking.
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A proposed unified framework for the recognition of human activity by exploiting the characteristics of action dynamics.
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Robust object tracking based upon adaptive multi-cue integration for video surveillance.
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An efficient hierarchical 16-QAM dynamic constellation to obtain high PSNR reconstructed images under varying channel conditions.
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Fingerprint denoising using ridge orientation based clustered dictionaries.
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Morphological mapping for non-linear dimensionality reduction.
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Hybrid classifier based human activity recognition using the silhouette and cells.
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Integrated approach for human action recognition using edge spatial distribution, direction pixel and ℛ-transform.
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2D non-linear state optimization using evolutionary techniques.
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Intelligent video target tracking using an evolutionary particle filter based upon improved cuckoo search.
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Soundless Horn And Remote Patroller.
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Non-linear dimensionality reduction using fuzzy lattices.
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Image compression using APSO.
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Simple and intelligent system to recognize the expression of speech-disabled person.
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A new algorithm for skew detection and correction.
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Pinpointing Representative Portions of Large Intel® Itanium® Programs with Dynamic Instrumentation.
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