Renato De Leone

According to our database1, Renato De Leone authored at least 42 papers between 1984 and 2019.

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RDF2Vec: RDF graph embeddings and their applications.
Semantic Web, 2019

BinarySDG: binary sensor data generation with R.
CoRR, 2019

Guest editors' preface to the special issue devoted to the 2nd International Conference "Numerical Computations: Theory and Algorithms", June 19-25, 2016, Pizzo Calabro, Italy.
J. Global Optimization, 2018

Planar methods and grossone for the Conjugate Gradient breakdown in nonlinear programming.
Comp. Opt. and Appl., 2018

Nonlinear programming and Grossone: Quadratic Programing and the role of Constraint Qualifications.
Applied Mathematics and Computation, 2018

How Grossone Can Be Helpful to Iteratively Compute Negative Curvature Directions.
Proceedings of the Learning and Intelligent Optimization - 12th International Conference, 2018

Optimization of power production and costs in microgrids.
Optimization Letters, 2017

RDF Graph Embeddings for Content-based Recommender Systems.
Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on New Trends in Content-Based Recommender Systems co-located with ACM Conference on Recommender Systems (RecSys 2016), 2016

Photovoltaic energy production forecast using support vector regression.
Neural Computing and Applications, 2015

Discrete Applied Mathematics, 2015

Electre Tri-Machine Learning Approach to the Record Linkage Problem.
CoRR, 2015

Guest editors' foreword to the special issue devoted to the international conference "Numerical computations: Theory and Algorithms" June 17-23, 2013, Falerna, Italy.
Applied Mathematics and Computation, 2015

Preference Queries with Ceteris Paribus Semantics for Linked Data.
Proceedings of the On the Move to Meaningful Internet Systems: OTM 2015 Conferences, 2015

Electric load forecasting using support vector machines for robust regression.
Proceedings of the Emerging M&S Applications in Industry & Academia / Modeling and Humanities Symposium, 2013

Reducing Power Consumption in Hydrometric Level Sensor Networks using Support Vector Machines.
Proceedings of the PECCS 2013, 2013

Foreword: Special issue INFINITY 2010.
Applied Mathematics and Computation, 2012

The use of grossone in Mathematical Programming and Operations Research.
Applied Mathematics and Computation, 2012

Adaptive Sampling for Embedded Software Systems Using SVM: Application to Water Level Sensors.
Proceedings of the 11th Cologne-Twente Workshop on Graphs and Combinatorial Optimization, 2012

Electric Load Forecasting: An Experimental Comparison.
Proceedings of the 11th Cologne-Twente Workshop on Graphs and Combinatorial Optimization, 2012

Support Vector Machines for Robust Regression.
Proceedings of the 11th Cologne-Twente Workshop on Graphs and Combinatorial Optimization, 2012

Solving a bus driver scheduling problem with randomized multistart heuristics.
ITOR, 2011

A Bus Driver Scheduling Problem: a new mathematical model and a GRASP approximate solution.
J. Heuristics, 2011

Error bounds for support vector machines with application to the identification of active constraints.
Optimization Methods and Software, 2010

Support Vector Regression for Time Series Analysis.
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Data Envelopment Analysis.
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Integrating support vector machines and neural networks.
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A new meta-heuristic for the Bus Driver Scheduling Problem: GRASP combined with Rollout.
Proceedings of the 2007 IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence in Scheduling, 2007

Parallel algorithm for support vector machines training and quadratic optimization problems.
Optimization Methods and Software, 2005

Auction Algorithms for Shortest Hyperpath Problems.
SIAM Journal on Optimization, 2000

A Partitioned ∈-Relaxation Algorithm for Separable Convex Network Flow Problems.
Comp. Opt. and Appl., 1999

A successive overrelaxation backpropagation algorithm for neural-network training.
IEEE Trans. Neural Networks, 1998

Binary image synthesis using mixed linear integer programming.
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Optimal and heuristic algorithms for solving the binding problem.
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Coordination in Coarse-Grained Decomposition.
SIAM Journal on Optimization, 1994

BINET: An Algorithm for Solving the Binding Problem.
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Massively parallel solution of quadratic programs via successive overrelaxation.
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Nonsmooth optimization methods for parallel decomposition of multicommodity flow problems.
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An Implementation of the epsilon-Relaxation Algorithm on the CM-5.
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Optimal Allocation and Binding in High-Level Synthesis.
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Parallel Implementation of Lemke's Algorithm on the Hypercube.
INFORMS Journal on Computing, 1991

Asynchronous parallel successive overrelaxation for the symmetric linear complementarity problem.
Math. Program., 1988

Stopping criteria for linesearch methods without derivatives.
Math. Program., 1984