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According to our database1, Pu Li authored at least 66 papers between 2002 and 2019.

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Corner detection based on tangent-to-point distance accumulation technique.
Multimedia Tools Appl., 2019

Incrementally constrained dynamic optimization: A computational framework for lane change motion planning of connected and automated vehicles.
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Visual Object Tracking Robust to Illumination Variation Based on Hyperline Clustering.
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Effective Channel Order Determination Algorithm for Convolutive Blind Channel Identification.
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A closed-form solution for the horizontally aligned thermal-porous spheroidal inclusion in a half-space and its applications in geothermal reservoirs.
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Identification of regulatory variables for state transition of biological networks.
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A high sparse response surface method based on combined bases for complex products optimization.
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Integrated Inventory-Transportation Problem in Vendor-Managed Inventory System.
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A Bi-Objective Capacitated Location-Routing Problem for Multiple Perishable Commodities.
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Brake Detection for Electric Bicycles using Inertial Measurement Units.
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Driver torque steering assisting control considering the uncertainties of the driver's behavior in following large curvature path.
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Training Model of Safe Escape From Fire Based On Virtual Reality.
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A New Two-Stage Image Retrieval Algorithm with Convolutional Neural Network.
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K-Hyperline Clustering-Based Color Image Segmentation Robust to Illumination Changes.
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A Novel Recovery Method of Soft X-ray Spectrum Unfolding Based on Compressive Sensing.
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SESLDS: An Extension Scheme for Linked Data Sources Based on Semantically Enhanced Annotation and Reasoning.
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Enhancing Extractable Quantum Entropy in Vacuum-Based Quantum Random Number Generator.
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Stochastische Optimierung parabolischer PDE-Systeme unter Wahrscheinlichkeitsrestriktionen am Beispiel der Temperaturregelung eines Stabes.
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An Inner-Outer Approximation Approach to Chance Constrained Optimization.
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A graph-based semantic relatedness assessment method combining wikipedia features.
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Fully photonics-based random number generators.
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Application of Imperative strategies.
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On the Semantic Patterns and Features of "Shao" Serving as Adverbial in Imperative Sentences.
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On the Capacity of Bufferless Networks-on-Chip.
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An Analytical Model for Squeeze-Film Damping of Perforated Torsional Microplates Resonators.
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A survey of automated information retrieval for genetic disorder from GeneReviews.
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Robust guaranteed cost state-delayed vehicle lateral stability control with applications to in-wheel-motor-driven electric vehicles.
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The Switch Reordering Contagion: Preventing a Few Late Packets from Ruining the Whole Party.
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Imperative sentences with assertive mood.
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DBSCAN Clustering Algorithm Applied to Identify Suspicious Financial Transactions.
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Advances and applications of chance-constrained approaches to systems optimisation under uncertainty.
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Benchmark for Emergency Management Based on OGC WFS.
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Data reconciliation for real-time optimization of an industrial coke-oven-gas purification process.
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Testing algorithms is like testing students.
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