Robert Geist

According to our database1, Robert Geist authored at least 60 papers between 1982 and 2016.

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  • Dijkstra number2 of four.
  • Erdős number3 of two.



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Painting with turbulence.
Proceedings of the Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques Conference, 2016

A problem-based learning approach to GPU computing.
Proceedings of the Workshop on Education for High-Performance Computing, 2015

Extracting Surface Geometry from Particle-Based Fracture Simulations.
Proceedings of the Advances in Visual Computing - 11th International Symposium, 2015

A virtual graphics card for teaching device driver design.
Proceedings of the 45th ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education, 2014

A Peridynamic Perspective on Spring-Mass Fracture.
Proceedings of the Eurographics / ACM SIGGRAPH Symposium on Computer Animation, 2014

TEXNH trees: a new course in data structures.
Proceedings of the 42nd ACM technical symposium on Computer science education, 2011

Methods for computing NASCAR tire/track intersections.
Proceedings of the 49th Annual Southeast Regional Conference, 2011

Lattice-Boltzmann Water Waves.
Proceedings of the Advances in Visual Computing - 6th International Symposium, 2010

Predicting Disk Scheduling Performance with Virtual Machines.
Proceedings of the Performance Evaluation of Computer and Communication Systems. Milestones and Future Challenges, 2010

Relighting Forest Ecosystems.
Proceedings of the Advances in Visual Computing, 5th International Symposium, 2009

Virtualizing high-performance graphics cards for driver design and development.
Proceedings of the 2009 conference of the Centre for Advanced Studies on Collaborative Research, 2009

Parallel processing flow models on desktop hardware.
Proceedings of the 46th Annual Southeast Regional Conference, 2008

tauepsilonChinueta: trial phase for the new curriculum.
Proceedings of the 38th SIGCSE Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education, 2007

Convective Clouds.
Proceedings of the Eurographics Workshop on Natural Phenomena, 2007

Re-coloring Images for Gamuts of Lower Dimension.
Comput. Graph. Forum, 2005

Detail Preserving Reproduction of Color Images for Monochromats and Dichromats.
IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 2005

Parallel simulation of petri nets on desktop pc hardware.
Proceedings of the 37th Winter Simulation Conference, Orlando, FL, USA, December 4-7, 2005, 2005

Performance Tuning of Gigabit Network Interfaces.
Proceedings of the 31th International Computer Measurement Group Conference, 2005

Enhancing Web Server Performance Through the Use of a Drop-In, Statically Optimal Disk Scheduler.
Proceedings of the 31th International Computer Measurement Group Conference, 2005

A Self-stabilizing Algorithm for Maximal 2-packing.
Nord. J. Comput., 2004

tau varepsilon chi nu eta: a first step.
Proceedings of the 35th SIGCSE Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education, 2004

Lattice-Boltzmann Lighting.
Proceedings of the 15th Eurographics Workshop on Rendering Techniques, 2004

Digital production arts: coming soon to a college near you!
Proceedings of the 42nd Annual Southeast Regional Conference, 2004

Out of Order Rendering on Visualization Clusters.
Proceedings of the IASTED International Conference on Modelling and Simulation (MS 2003), 2003

HSV representation of non-Newtonian Lattice-Boltzmann flows.
Proceedings of the Visualization and Data Analysis 2002, 2002

Correlational and distributional effects in network traffic models.
Perform. Eval., 2001

Graphics Benchmarking.
Proceedings of the 27th International Computer Measurement Group Conference, 2001

Practical aspects of simulating systems having arrival processes with long-range dependence.
Proceedings of the 32nd conference on Winter simulation, WSC 2000, 2000

Enhanced Scheduling Performance on Linux Disk Mirrors.
Proceedings of the 26th International Computer Measurement Group Conference, 2000

Simulation Modeling of Self-Similarity in Network Traffic.
Proceedings of the 25th International Computer Measurement Group Conference, 1999

Real-time, 3-D Graphics for the Linux PC.
Proceedings of the 24th International Computer Measurement Group Conference, 1998

Bringing the high end to the low end: high performance device drivers of the Linux PC.
Proceedings of the 36th Annual ACM Southeast Regional Conference, 1998

Autonomous Virtualization of Real Environments for Telepresence Applications.
Presence, 1997

Performance Bounds for Modeling NUMA Architectures.
Inf. Process. Lett., 1997

A Hybrid Tool for the Performance Evaluation of NUMA Architectures.
Proceedings of the 29th conference on Winter simulation, 1997

Disk scheduling revisited: can O(n2) algorithms compete?
Proceedings of the 35th Annual Southeast Regional Conference, 1997

Computing Research Programs in the US.
Commun. ACM, 1996

Minimizing Mean Seek Distance in Mirrored Disk Systems by Cylinder Remapping.
Perform. Eval., 1994

Systems modeling with xpetri.
Proceedings of the 26th conference on Winter simulation, 1994

Disk Scheduling in Linux.
Proceedings of the 20st International Computer Measurement Group Conference, 1994

A Markovian Framework for Digital Halftoning.
ACM Trans. Graph., 1993

An Analytic Treatment of the Reliability and Performance of Mirrored Disk Subsystems.
Proceedings of the Digest of Papers: FTCS-23, 1993

Estimation and Enhancement of Real-Time Software Reliability Through Mutation Analysis.
IEEE Trans. Computers, 1992

Neural Networks for the Design of Distributed, Fault-Tolerant, Computing Environments.
Proceedings of the 11th Symposium on Reliable Distributed Systems, 1992

Disk performance enhancement through Markov-based cylinder remapping.
Proceedings of the 30th Annual Southeast Regional Conference, 1992

Reliability Estimation of Fault-Tolerant Systems: Tools and Techniques.
IEEE Computer, 1990

Modeling recovery time distributions in ultrareliable fault-tolerant systems.
Proceedings of the 20th International Symposium on Fault-Tolerant Computing, 1990

Ultrahigh reliability estimates for systems exhibiting globally time-dependent failure processes.
Proceedings of the Nineteenth International Symposium on Fault-Tolerant Computing, 1989

A Continuum of Disk Scheduling Algorithms.
ACM Trans. Comput. Syst., 1987

Disk Scheduling in System V.
Proceedings of the 1987 ACM SIGMETRICS conference on Measurement and modeling of computer systems, 1987

Provably Conservative Approximations to Complex Reliability Models.
IEEE Trans. Computers, 1986

The Perceived Effect of Breakdown and Repair on the Performance of Multiprocessor Systems.
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The Reliability of Life-Critical Computer Systems.
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The Crippled Queen Placement Problem.
Sci. Comput. Program., 1984

Perception-Based Configuration Design of Computer Systems.
Inf. Process. Lett., 1984

Extended Stochastic Petri Nets: Applications and Analysis.
Proceedings of the Performance '84, 1984

Issues in reliability modeling of fault-tolerant computers.
Proceedings of the Fehlertolerierende Rechensysteme, 1984

Ultrahigh Reliability Prediction for Fault-Tolerant Computer Systems.
IEEE Trans. Computers, 1983

The Integration of User Perception in the Heterogeneous M/M/2 Queue.
Proceedings of the Performance '83, 1983

Optimal Design of Multilevel Storage Hierarchies.
IEEE Trans. Computers, 1982