Roberto Gonzalez

According to our database1, Roberto Gonzalez authored at least 28 papers between 1975 and 2020.

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TransRev: Modeling Reviews as Translations from Users to Items.
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Poster: On the Application of NLP to Discover Relationships between Malicious Network Entities.
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Perspectives to Predict Dropout in University Students with Machine Learning.
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Understanding the Detection of View Fraud in Video Content Portals.
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User Profiling in the Time of HTTPS.
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The Value of Online Users: Empirical Evaluation of the Price of Personalized Ads.
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Your Data in the Eyes of the Beholders: Design of a Unified Data Valuation Portal to Estimate Value of Personal Information from Market Perspective.
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Where are my followers? Understanding the Locality Effect in Twitter
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FakeDetector: A measurement-based tool to get rid out of fake content in your BitTorrent Downloads
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Ubiquitous Awareness in an Academic Environment.
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Global optimization of arborescent multilevel inventory systems.
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On Bang-Bang Control Policies.
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