Sadek C. A. Alfaro

  • University of Brasília, Brazil

According to our database1, Sadek C. A. Alfaro authored at least 18 papers between 1997 and 2021.

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Mild Steel GMA Welds Microstructural Analysis and Estimation Using Sensor Fusion and Neural Network Modeling.
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Secure Communication Based on Hyperchaotic Underactuated Projective Synchronization.
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Extending the decision-making capabilities in remanufacturing service contracts by using symbiotic simulation.
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A Chaotic Synchronization scheme for information security.
Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Signal Processing and Communication Systems, 2019

Sensor Fusion to Estimate the Depth and Width of the Weld Bead in Real Time in GMAW Processes.
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Real-Time Measurement of Width and Height of Weld Beads in GMAW Processes.
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An adaptive scheme for chaotic synchronization in the presence of uncertain parameter and disturbances.
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Identification of unknown nonlinear systems based on multilayer neural networks and Lyapunov theory.
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Online neuro-identification of nonlinear systems using Extreme Learning Machine.
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An online simulation to link asset condition monitoring and operations decisions in through-life engineering services.
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Sensoring Fusion Data from the Optic and Acoustic Emissions of Electric Arcs in the GMAW-S Process for Welding Quality Assessment.
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A novel framework to link Prognostics and Health Management and Product-Service Systems using online simulation.
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Exploring Infrared Sensoring for Real Time Welding Defects Monitoring in GTAW.
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A Control Design Approach for Controlling an Autonomous Vehicle with FPGAs.
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FPGA-Based Platform Development for Change Detection in GTAW Welding Process.
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A Non-Intrusive GMA Welding Process Quality Monitoring System Using Acoustic Sensing.
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A Weld Defects Detection System Based on a Spectrometer.
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