Sai Peck Lee

According to our database1, Sai Peck Lee authored at least 62 papers between 1993 and 2019.

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Software fault localisation: a systematic mapping study.
IET Software, 2019

A Community-Based Fault Isolation Approach for Effective Simultaneous Localization of Faults.
IEEE Access, 2019

A hyper-heuristic cost optimisation approach for Scientific Workflow Scheduling in cloud computing.
Future Generation Comp. Syst., 2018

Simultaneous Localization of Software Faults Based on Complex Network Theory.
IEEE Access, 2018

A Systematic Review on Test Suite Reduction: Approaches, Experiment's Quality Evaluation, and Guidelines.
IEEE Access, 2018

A Commit Change-based Weighted Complex Network Approach to Identify Potential Fault Prone Classes.
Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Software Technologies, 2018

RAMBUTANS: automatic AOP-specific test generation tool.
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Automatic clustering constraints derivation from object-oriented software using weighted complex network with graph theory analysis.
Journal of Systems and Software, 2017

Change management technique for supporting object oriented diagrams changes.
Comput. Syst. Sci. Eng., 2017

Integrated Approach to Software Defect Prediction.
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A Methodology for Impact Evaluation of Refactoring on External Quality Attributes of a Software Design.
Proceedings of the 2017 International Conference on Frontiers of Information Technology, 2017

Functional and non-functional requirements prioritization: empirical evaluation of IPA, AHP-based, and HAM-based approaches.
Soft Comput., 2016

A feature location approach supported by time-aware weighting of terms associated with developer expertise profiles.
Knowl. Inf. Syst., 2016

RePizer: a framework for prioritization of software requirements.
Frontiers of IT & EE, 2016

Cost optimization approaches for scientific workflow scheduling in cloud and grid computing: A review, classifications, and open issues.
Journal of Systems and Software, 2016

A survey on Test Suite Reduction frameworks and tools.
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UML models consistency management: Guidelines for software quality manager.
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Analyzing maintainability and reliability of object-oriented software using weighted complex network.
Journal of Systems and Software, 2015

Automated test generation technique for aspectual features in AspectJ.
Information & Software Technology, 2015

Cost-aware challenges for workflow scheduling approaches in cloud computing environments: Taxonomy and opportunities.
Future Generation Comp. Syst., 2015

A test-to-code traceability method using .NET custom attributes.
Proceedings of the 2015 Conference on research in adaptive and convergent systems, 2015

Constrained Agglomerative Hierarchical Software Clustering with Hard and Soft Constraints.
Proceedings of the ENASE 2015, 2015

Achievements and Challenges in State-of-the-Art Software Traceability Between Test and Code Artifacts.
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A review on E-business Interoperability Frameworks.
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A noun-based approach to feature location using time-aware term-weighting.
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A semantic interoperability framework for software as a service systems in cloud computing environments.
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Interoperability evaluation models: A systematic review.
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An interoperability model for ultra large scale systems.
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A review of interoperability assessment models.
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Efficient software clustering technique using an adaptive and preventive dendrogram cutting approach.
Information & Software Technology, 2013

A Consistent Approach for Prioritizing System Quality Attributes.
Proceedings of the 14th ACIS International Conference on Software Engineering, 2013

UML Extension for Defining the Interaction Variants of Design Patterns.
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Impact of cmmi-based process maturity levels on effort, productivity and diseconomy of scale.
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Using Guidelines to Improve Quality in Software Nonfunctional Attributes.
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A Concurrent Coloured Petri Nets Model for Solving Binary Search Problem on a Multicore Architecture.
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Using GA and KMP Algorithm to Implement an Approach to Learning Through Intelligent Framework Documentation.
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Implementing Case-Based Reasoning Approach to Framework Documentation.
Proceedings of the CSIE 2009, 2009 WRI World Congress on Computer Science and Information Engineering, March 31, 2009

Effects of software process maturity on COCOMO II's effort estimation from CMMI perspective.
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Rapid Application Development in Synergy With Persistence Framework.
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Architecture-Centric Data Mining Middleware Supporting Multiple Data Sources and Mining Techniques.
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Alternative Learning Approaches for Electronic Learning Environments in Smart Schools: Survey Results.
Int. Arab J. Inf. Technol., 2006

Towards a Layered Architectural Design of a Persistence Framework.
Proceedings of the International Conference on Software Engineering Research and Practice & Conference on Programming Languages and Compilers, 2006

LiSER: A Software Experience Management Tool to Support Organisational Learning in Software Development Organisations.
Int. Arab J. Inf. Technol., 2005

Document Management Application Programming Interface Framework.
Proceedings of the iiWAS'2005, 2005

Applying Machine Learning Using Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) and Rule-Based Reasoning (RBR) Approaches to Object-Oriented Application Framework Documentation.
Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Information Technology and Applications (ICITA 2005), 2005

REPCOM: A Customisable Report Generator Component System Using XML-Driven, Component-Based Development Approach.
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Object-to-Multidimensional Database Mapping Algorithms.
Proceedings of the Digital Libraries: Technology and Management of Indigenous Knowledge for Global Access, 2003

Effective Design of E-learning Application Incorporating Multiple Intelligences.
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Object-relational Mapping Service Architecture.
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Mean Time Offset Protocol for Cluster of Auction Servers over TCP/IP Network.
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Formal Verification of Secret Sharing Protocol Using Coq.
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Objects Collection Management in Multidimensional DBMS Data Model.
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Integration of the Tool (AWB) Supporting the O* Method in the PCTE-Based Software Engineering Environment.
Proceedings of the Object Technologies for Advanced Software, 1993