Wadood Abdul

According to our database1, Wadood Abdul authored at least 35 papers between 2009 and 2018.

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Cloud-oriented emotion feedback-based Exergames framework.
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A Fully RNS based ECC Processor.
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Cloud-assisted secure video transmission and sharing framework for smart cities.
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Pathogens constancy, harbinger of nosocomial infection cum identification of resistant genes and drug designing.
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Taxonomy of Factors Causing Integration Failure during Global Software Development.
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A Systematic Review on Test Suite Reduction: Approaches, Experiment's Quality Evaluation, and Guidelines.
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Trust and Reputation Management in Healthcare Systems: Taxonomy, Requirements and Open Issues.
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Epitopes based drug design for dengue virus envelope protein: A computational approach.
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Enhanced Architecture for Privacy Preserving Data Integration in a Medical Research Environment.
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Balanced Load Distribution With Energy Hole Avoidance in Underwater WSNs.
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