Shahriar B. Shokouhi

Orcid: 0000-0001-6266-6607

According to our database1, Shahriar B. Shokouhi authored at least 48 papers between 2007 and 2023.

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COV-MobNets: a mobile networks ensemble model for diagnosis of COVID-19 based on chest X-ray images.
BMC Medical Imaging, December, 2023

Implementing Tensor-Organized Memory for Message Retrieval Purposes in Neuromorphic Chips.
Comput., September, 2023

A survey on deep learning models for detection of COVID-19.
Neural Comput. Appl., August, 2023

Still image action recognition based on interactions between joints and objects.
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MedViT: A robust vision transformer for generalized medical image classification.
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A Super-Efficient TinyML Processor for the Edge Metaverse.
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Traffic Sign Recognition Using Local Vision Transformer.
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Robust Transformer with Locality Inductive Bias and Feature Normalization.
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A New Technique for Segmentation of the Oil Spills From Synthetic-Aperture Radar Images Using Convolutional Neural Network.
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Multi-expert human action recognition with hierarchical super-class learning.
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Pyramid Transformer for Traffic Sign Detection.
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Action recognition in still images using a multi-attention guided network with weakly supervised saliency detection.
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Automatic Breast Lesion Detection in Ultrafast DCE-MRI Using Deep Learning.
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A new spatio-temporal patch-based feature template for effective gait recognition.
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Efficient Hybrid CMOS/Memristor Implementation of Bidirectional Associative Memory Using Passive Weight Array.
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Online Visual Tracking with One-Shot Context-Aware Domain Adaptation.
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Ensembles of Deep Neural Networks for Action Recognition in Still Images.
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Differentiating benign and malignant mass and non-mass lesions in breast DCE-MRI using normalized frequency-based features.
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On the selection of spatiotemporal filtering with classifier ensemble method for effective gait recognition.
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A Hardware Architecture for Columnar-Organized Memory Based on CMOS Neuron and Memristor Crossbar Arrays.
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Improving performance of FPGA-based SR-latch PUF using Transient Effect Ring Oscillator and programmable delay lines.
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GSI: efficient spatio-temporal template for human gait recognition.
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Patchwise object tracking via structural local sparse appearance model.
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A secure and area-efficient FPGA-based SR-Latch PUF.
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Secure hardware key based on Physically Unclonable Functions and artificial Neural Network.
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An Efficient Energy Model for Human Gait Recognition.
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Fast transient current-steering CMOS LDO regulator based on current feedback amplifier.
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Fast opposite weight learning rules with application in breast cancer diagnosis.
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Segmentation of brain tissues using a 3-D multi-layer Hidden Markov Model.
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Improved Robust DWT-Watermarking in YCbCr Color Space
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Robustness of Multi Biometric Authentication Systems against Spoofing.
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New Approach for Approximating Parks McClellan Low-Pass Differentiators.
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Adaptive Motion Model for Human Tracking Using Particle Filter.
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Human Tracking Using Spatialized Multi-level Histogram and Mean Shift.
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A low voltage highly linear CMOS up conversion mixer based on current conveyor.
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A novel low power static frequency divider based on the GDI technique.
Proceedings of the 22nd Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2009

Random Texture Defect Detection Using 1-D Hidden Markov Models Based on Local Binary Patterns.
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Study of Facial Features Combination Using a Novel Adaptive Fuzzy Integral Fusion Model.
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A Parallelized and Pipelined Datapath to Implement ISODATA Algorithm for Rosette Scan Images on a Reconfigurable Hardware.
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