Shan Zhou

According to our database1, Shan Zhou authored at least 30 papers between 2004 and 2019.

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High-Performance SAR Image Matching Using Improved SIFT Framework Based on Rolling Guidance Filter and ROEWA-Powered Feature.
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List strong edge coloring of planar graphs with maximum degree 4.
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A Low Duty Cycle Efficient MAC Protocol Based on Self-Adaption and Predictive Strategy.
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Deploying Deep Ranking Models for Search Verticals.
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On optimal allocation of active redundancies to multi-state r-out-of-n systems.
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New Dv-distance Method Based on Path for Wireless Sensor Network.
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High-performance SAR image registration algorithm using guided filter & ROEWA-based SIFT framework.
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On Delay Constrained Multicast Capacity of Large-Scale Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.
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Random sequential scheduling for wireless D2D communications.
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Aerosol Transport and Source Attribution Using Sunphotometers, Models and In-Situ Chemical Composition Measurements.
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Non-negative Sparse Coding Using Independent Multi-Codebooks for Near-Duplicate Image Detection.
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On Delay Constrained Multicast Capacity of Large-Scale Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
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Characterization and Biological Treatment of O-Nitrobenzaldehyde Manufacturing Wastewater.
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Relations between Clar structures, Clar covers, and the sextet-rotation tree of a hexagonal system.
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Long Alternating Cycles in Edge-Colored Complete Graphs.
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A TOA based believable factor mobile location algorithm.
Proceedings of the 2004 IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference , 2004