Peng Zhao

According to our database1, Peng Zhao
  • authored at least 162 papers between 1993 and 2018.
  • has a "Dijkstra number"2 of four.



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Frog: Asynchronous Graph Processing on GPU with Hybrid Coloring Model.
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Spatiotemporal Dynamics in Vegetation GPP over the Great Khingan Mountains Using GLASS Products from 1982 to 2015.
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Transfer robust sparse coding based on graph and joint distribution adaption for image representation.
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Multipermutation Codes Correcting a Burst of Deletions.
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A Frequency Synthesizer Based Microwave Permittivity Sensor Using CMRC Structure.
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Understanding Smartphone Sensor and App Data for Enhancing the Security of Secret Questions.
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Multiple cyber attacks against a target with observation errors and dependent outcomes: Characterization and optimization.
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Developing the Remote Sensing-Gash Analytical Model for Estimating Vegetation Rainfall Interception at Very High Resolution: A Case Study in the Heihe River Basin.
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On optimal allocation of active redundancies to multi-state r-out-of-n systems.
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Multipermutation Codes Correcting a Predetermined Number of Adjacent Deletions.
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MaMR: High-performance MapReduce programming model for material cloud applications.
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Distribution-Free One-Pass Learning.
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A Survey on Data Center Networking (DCN): Infrastructure and Operations.
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On Minimizing Energy Cost in Internet-Scale Systems With Dynamic Data.
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An Improved Full-Wave Multilevel Green's Function Interpolation Method With RBF-QR Technique for Fast Field Evaluation.
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Multi-View Matrix Completion for Clustering with Side Information.
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Demo abstract: Telco localization techniques.
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Balanced self-paced learning with feature corruption.
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Temporal and spatial distribution and variation of GPP in MOHE, China.
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A self-adaptive 30-day diabetic readmission prediction model based on incremental learning.
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Feature extension for Chinese short text classification based on topical N-Grams.
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Development of a Distributed Crack Sensor Using Coaxial Cable.
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A bibliometric analysis for the research on river water quality assessment and simulation during 2000-2014.
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Tracking control for a biomimetic robotic fish Guided by Active Vision.
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A novel hand-drawn sketch descriptor based on the fusion of multiple features.
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On energy-balanced backpressure routing mechanisms for stochastic energy harvesting wireless sensor networks.
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Self-adaptive polygon mesh reconstruction based on ball-pivoting algorithm.
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Suppressing Fractional Pseudocodewords by Eliminating Small Instantons.
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Hybrid Maximum Likelihood Modulation Classification for Continuous Phase Modulations.
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Towards Effective Intra-flow Network Coding in Software Defined Wireless Mesh Networks.
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Trident: Context-Based Reverse Authentication for Phishing AP Detection in Commodity WiFi Networks.
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The detection of physical attacks against iBeacon transmitters.
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Feature extraction and classification of ocean oil spill based on SAR image.
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Identification of blood biomarkers for use in point of care diagnosis tool for Alzheimer's disease.
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Estimating Crop Albedo in the Application of a Physical Model Based on the Law of Energy Conservation and Spectral Invariants.
Remote Sensing, 2015

LiveWell - Promoting Healthy Living and Wellbeing for Parkinson Patients through Social Network and ICT Training: Lessons Learnt and Best Practices.
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Redundancy allocation at component level versus system level.
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Towards Effective Intra-Flow Network Coding in Software Defined Wireless Mesh Networks.
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The improved method of circuit implement for a new chaotic system.
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Modeling and control of distributed generation under distorted and unbalanced conditions.
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A stochastic inequality for the largest order statistics from heterogeneous gamma variables.
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Team Water: The Champion of the RoboCup Middle Size League Competition 2013.
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Breath Training for Hearing Impaired Hearing Chinldre Based on Computational Fluid Dynamics.
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