Shanzhi Chen

According to our database1, Shanzhi Chen authored at least 87 papers between 1995 and 2019.

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Hybrid Precoding-Based Millimeter-Wave Massive MIMO-NOMA With Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power Transfer.
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Modeling and Analysis of Safety Messages Propagation in Platoon-Based Vehicular Cyber-Physical Systems.
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Proactive Coverage Area Decisions Based on Data Field for Drone Base Station Deployment.
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A tutorial on 5G and the progress in China.
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Hybrid Precoding-Based Millimeter-Wave Massive MIMO-NOMA with Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power Transfer.
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Complex network measurement and optimization of Chinese domestic movies with internet of things technology.
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LOCASS: Local Optimal Caching Algorithm With Social Selfishness for Mixed Cooperative and Selfish Devices.
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Radio Resource Allocation for Achieving Ultra-Low Latency in Fog Radio Access Networks.
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Power-Efficient Deployment of a UAV for Emergency Indoor Wireless Coverage.
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A Security Authentication Scheme of 5G Ultra-Dense Network Based on Block Chain.
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An inside look into the complexity of box-office revenue prediction in China.
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HGL: A hybrid global-local load balancing routing scheme for the Internet of Things through satellite networks.
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Efficient MAC protocol for drive-thru Internet in a sparse highway environment.
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A Switch Migration-Based Decision-Making Scheme for Balancing Load in SDN.
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An Empirical Study on the Temporal Structural Characteristics of VANETs on a Taxi GPS Dataset.
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MAC Performance Analysis for Drive-Thru Internet Networks With Rayleigh Capture.
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Energy Sensing and Monitoring Framework with an Integrated Communication Backbone in the Energy Efficient Intelligent Buildings.
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A Mobility-Oriented Scheme for Virtual Machine Migration in Cloud Data Center Network.
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Identifying Influential Nodes for Efficient Routing in Opportunistic Networks.
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Cellular Traffic Offloading through Opportunistic Communications Based on Human Mobility.
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Exploiting Social Relationship for Opportunistic Routing in Mobile Social Networks.
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Virtual RATs and a flexible and tailored radio access network evolving to 5G.
IEEE Communications Magazine, 2015

Three Dimensional Beamforming and Limited Feedback Precoding for Future LTE-Advanced Systems with Large-Scale Antenna Arrays.
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Exploring mobility metrics quantitatively for vehicular networks based on three-phase traffic theory.
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Enhancing spectral efficiency for lte-advanced and beyond cellular networks [Guest Editorial].
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Detecting AS hijacking in one administrative domain.
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