Zhili Zhou

According to our database1, Zhili Zhou authored at least 85 papers between 2003 and 2019.

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Coverless image steganography using partial-duplicate image retrieval.
Soft Comput., 2019

Intrusion Detection and Prevention in Cloud, Fog, and Internet of Things.
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Implementing real-time RCF-Retinex image enhancement method using CUDA.
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Partial-duplicate image retrieval based on HSV colour space for coverless information hiding.
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Original image tracing with image relational graph for near-duplicate image elimination.
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Working capital optimization in a supply chain perspective.
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Two heuristics for the capacitated multi-period cutting stock problem with pattern setup cost.
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A bi-objective model for location planning of electric vehicle charging stations with GPS trajectory data.
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Video Copy Detection Using Spatio-Temporal CNN Features.
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A Steganography Algorithm Based on CycleGAN for Covert Communication in the Internet of Things.
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Image Steganography Based on Foreground Object Generation by Generative Adversarial Networks in Mobile Edge Computing With Internet of Things.
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Network Community Detection Based on the Physarum-Inspired Computational Framework.
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Image contrast enhancement using an artificial bee colony algorithm.
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Multiple dictionary pairs learning and sparse representation-based infrared image super-resolution with improved fuzzy clustering.
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Retinex-based image enhancement framework by using region covariance filter.
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An Exception Handling Approach for Privacy-Preserving Service Recommendation Failure in a Cloud Environment.
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Hybrid computation offloading for smart home automation in mobile cloud computing.
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Encoding multiple contextual clues for partial-duplicate image retrieval.
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MCRS: A course recommendation system for MOOCs.
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Pairwise IPVO-based reversible data hiding.
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Enhancing heterogeneous similarity estimation via neighborhood reversibility.
Multimedia Tools Appl., 2018

New SMVQ scheme with exactly the same PSNR of VQ by introducing extend state codebook.
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Deriving heterogeneous experts weights from incomplete linguistic preference relations based on uninorm consistency.
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A Distributed Sparse Signal Reconstruction Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Network.
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A discriminative multi-class feature selection method via weighted l2, 1-norm and Extended Elastic Net.
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Spatial descriptor embedding for near-duplicate image retrieval.
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Multi-scale image fusion through rolling guidance filter.
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Modeling the minimum cost consensus problem in an asymmetric costs context.
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A new aspect on P2P online lending default prediction using meta-level phone usage data in China.
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Combined cutting stock and lot-sizing problem with pattern setup.
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Complex network measurement and optimization of Chinese domestic movies with internet of things technology.
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Secret Image Sharing Based on Encrypted Pixels.
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Robust Virtual Network Function Provisioning Under Random Failures on Network Function Enabled Nodes.
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Local Adaptive Binary Patterns Using Diamond Sampling Structure for Texture Classification.
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An Invocation Cost Optimization Method for Web Services in Cloud Environment.
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Multi-sensor image super-resolution with fuzzy cluster by using multi-scale and multi-view sparse coding for infrared image.
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A novel scheme for infrared image enhancement by using weighted least squares filter and fuzzy plateau histogram equalization.
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Optimal PPVO-based reversible data hiding.
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An optimized design of CAN FD for automotive cyber-physical systems.
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A novel prediction model based on particle swarm optimization and adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system.
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Group prioritisation with unknown expert weights in incomplete linguistic context.
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Ordinal pyramid coding for rotation invariant feature extraction.
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Fast and accurate near-duplicate image elimination for visual sensor networks.
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"Time-Location-Frequency"-aware Internet of things service selection based on historical records.
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Data-Sparsity Tolerant Web Service Recommendation Approach Based on Improved Collaborative Filtering.
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Naturalization of Screen Content Images for Enhanced Quality Evaluation.
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A novel search method based on artificial bee colony algorithm for block motion estimation.
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Blind sequence detection using reservoir computing.
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CLASS: Collaborative Low-Rank and Sparse Separation for Moving Object Detection.
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Effective and Efficient Image Copy Detection with Resistance to Arbitrary Rotation.
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Essential secret image sharing scheme with the same size of shadows.
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Improved Reversible Image Authentication Scheme.
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Survivable cloud network mapping with multiple failures.
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A novel signature based on the combination of global and local signatures for image copy detection.
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Knowledge diffusion path analysis of data quality literature: A main path analysis.
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Parallel machines scheduling with simple linear job deterioration and non-simultaneous machine available times.
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Combination of SIFT Feature and Convex Region-Based Global Context Feature for Image Copy Detection.
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An inventory control and pricing model for smart building load management.
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