Shaobo Li

According to our database1, Shaobo Li authored at least 85 papers between 2002 and 2023.

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Correlated SVD and Its Application in Bearing Fault Diagnosis.
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Human activity recognition based on multienvironment sensor data.
Inf. Fusion, 2023

Determinate Node Selection for Semi-supervised Classification Oriented Graph Convolutional Networks.
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Arrhythmia classification algorithm based on multi-head self-attention mechanism.
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LeaFTL: A Learning-Based Flash Translation Layer for Solid-State Drives.
Proceedings of the 28th ACM International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems, 2023

Surface Extraction and Segmentation From 3-D Underwater Sub-Bottom Point Clouds Using Enhancement Filtering and Global Energy Optimization.
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Quantile regression feature selection and estimation with grouped variables using Huber approximation.
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Surface Quality Automatic Inspection for Pharmaceutical Capsules Using Deep Learning.
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A Siamese hybrid neural network framework for few-shot fault diagnosis of fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicles.
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A Novel Bearing Fault Diagnosis Method Based on Few-Shot Transfer Learning across Different Datasets.
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An Enhanced Differential Evolution Algorithm with Bernstein Operator and Refracted Oppositional-Mutual Learning Strategy.
Entropy, 2022

Neural Adaptive Funnel Dynamic Surface Control with Disturbance-Observer for the PMSM with Time Delays.
Entropy, 2022

Forecasting Network Interface Flow Using a Broad Learning System Based on the Sparrow Search Algorithm.
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Pre-training Language Models with Deterministic Factual Knowledge.
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Semi-supervised Learning with Deterministic Labeling and Large Margin Projection.
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The Security War in File Systems: An Empirical Study from A Vulnerability-Centric Perspective.
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Pre-training Language Models with Deterministic Factual Knowledge.
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How Pre-trained Language Models Capture Factual Knowledge? A Causal-Inspired Analysis.
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PAsso: an R Package for Assessing Partial Association between Ordinal Variables.
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Zero-Shot Pipeline Detection for Sub-Bottom Profiler Data Based on Imaging Principles.
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Sub-Bottom Sediment Classification Using Reliable Instantaneous Frequency Calculation and Relaxation Time Estimation.
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An Integrated Horizon Picking Method for Obtaining the Main and Detailed Reflectors on Sub-Bottom Profiler Sonar Image.
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Horizon Picking from SBP Images Using Physicals-Combined Deep Learning.
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Review of Image Classification Algorithms Based on Convolutional Neural Networks.
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Antecedents of smartphone multitasking: roles of demographics, personalities and motivations.
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Research on Generation Method of Grasp Strategy Based on DeepLab V3+ for Three-Finger Gripper.
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Meta-learning for few-shot bearing fault diagnosis under complex working conditions.
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Target Classification Method of Tactile Perception Data with Deep Learning.
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Trajectory Planning of Robot Manipulator Based on RBF Neural Network.
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Analysing the Effect of Masking Length Distribution of MLM: An Evaluation Framework and Case Study on Chinese MRC Datasets.
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MultiHead MultiModal Deep Interest Recommendation Network.
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Big Data driven Product Design: A Survey.
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Integrating Regular Expressions with Neural Networks via DFA.
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Intelligent Optimization Algorithm-Based Path Planning for a Mobile Robot.
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Unified Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm for Energy Efficient Job Shop Scheduling.
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HopRetriever: Retrieve Hops over Wikipedia to Answer Complex Questions.
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Critical Temperature Prediction of Superconductors Based on Atomic Vectors and Deep Learning.
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Learning Representations of Inorganic Materials from Generative Adversarial Networks.
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A Novel Horizon Picking Method on Sub-Bottom Profiler Sonar Images.
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A Non-Local Low-Rank Algorithm for Sub-Bottom Profile Sonar Image Denoising.
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A Survey on Machine Reading Comprehension: Tasks, Evaluation Metrics, and Benchmark Datasets.
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Representation of Traffic Congestion Data for Urban Road Traffic Networks Based on Pooling Operations.
Algorithms, 2020

A Novel Method of Bearing Fault Diagnosis in Time-Frequency Graphs Using InceptionResnet and Deformable Convolution Networks.
IEEE Access, 2020

Computational Prediction of Critical Temperatures of Superconductors Based on Convolutional Gradient Boosting Decision Trees.
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Object Detection Recognition and Robot Grasping Based on Machine Learning: A Survey.
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Personalized Product Evaluation Based on GRA-TOPSIS and Kansei Engineering.
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Deep Autoencoder Neural Networks for Short-Term Traffic Congestion Prediction of Transportation Networks.
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Safety Traceability System of Characteristic Food Based on RFID and EPC Internet of Things.
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Generative adversarial networks (GAN) based efficient sampling of chemical space for inverse design of inorganic materials.
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Limited Data Rolling Bearing Fault Diagnosis With Few-Shot Learning.
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Real-Time Tiny Part Defect Detection System in Manufacturing Using Deep Learning.
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Convolutional Neural Network-Based Embarrassing Situation Detection under Camera for Social Robot in Smart Homes.
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DeepPatent: patent classification with convolutional neural networks and word embedding.
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A Flexible Method for Protecting Marketing Data: An Application to Point-of-Sale Data.
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Chaos and Nonlinear Feedback Control of the Arch Micro-Electro-Mechanical System.
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Anti-oscillation and chaos control of the fractional-order brushless DC motor system via adaptive echo state networks.
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Equipment Condition Monitoring and Diagnosis System Based on Evidence Weight.
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Health Monitoring and Diagnosis of Equipment Based on Multi-sensor Fusion.
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Location Optimization of Wireless Sensor Network in Intelligent Workshop Based on the Three-Dimensional Adaptive Fruit Fly Optimization Algorithm.
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Patent Keyword Extraction Algorithm Based on Distributed Representation for Patent Classification.
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A Novel Evolutionary Algorithm for Designing Robust Analog Filters.
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Aspheric Surface Measurement Using Capacitive Sensors.
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An Ensemble Deep Convolutional Neural Network Model with Improved D-S Evidence Fusion for Bearing Fault Diagnosis.
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Multi-objective evolutionary algorithm based on decision space partition and its application in hybrid power system optimisation.
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Game-theoretic Evolutionary Algorithm Based on Behavioral Expectation and its Performance Analysis.
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A Zombie Account Detection Method in Microblog Based on the PageRank.
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A New Type of 3D Printing Nozzle with PET Wire as Raw Material.
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