Shasha Liao

According to our database1, Shasha Liao authored at least 16 papers between 2005 and 2018.

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PhD thesis 




Does the Quality of Digital Teaching Materials Matter? - A Comparative Study of Art Students' Classroom Behavior and Learning Outcomes.
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Workload-Aware VM Consolidation in Cloud Based on Max-Min Ant System.
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Adaptive Resource Prediction in the Cloud Using Linear Stacking Model.
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Evaluating Human Correction Quality for Machine Translation from Crowdsourcing.
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Acquiring Topic Features to improve Event Extraction: in Pre-selected and Balanced Collections.
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Using Prediction from Sentential Scope to Build a Pseudo Co-Testing Learner for Event Extraction.
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Can Document Selection Help Semi-supervised Learning? A Case Study On Event Extraction.
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Filtered Ranking for Bootstrapping in Event Extraction.
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Using Document Level Cross-Event Inference to Improve Event Extraction.
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Automatic Recognition of Logical Relations for English, Chinese and Japanese in the GLARF Framework.
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