Shuli Wang

Orcid: 0000-0002-8349-3626

According to our database1, Shuli Wang authored at least 39 papers between 2002 and 2024.

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Entire Chain Uplift Modeling with Context-Enhanced Learning for Intelligent Marketing.
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Efficient performability analysis of dynamic multi-state <i>k</i>-out-of-<i>n</i>: G systems.
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Probabilistic Prediction of Longitudinal Trajectory Considering Driving Heterogeneity with Interpretability.
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An Optimization Method for Improving Efficiency of Electric Propulsion System of Electric Seaplane.
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Strong converse inequality for linear combinations of Szász-Mirakjan operators.
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Numerical Simulation Study on Flow Laws and Heat Transfer of Gas Hydrate in the Spiral Flow Pipeline with Long Twisted Band.
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Numerical Simulation of Swirl Flow Characteristics of CO2 Hydrate Slurry by Short Twisted Band.
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Sequential Recommendation through Graph Neural Networks and Transformer Encoder with Degree Encoding.
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A Design Method of Air-Cooled Radiator Based on Electric Aircraft Controller.
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ACS-Communicator: a Low-Cost Customer Service Oriented Communication Service Framework for E-Commerce Businesses.
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An Energy Efficiency Optimization Method for Fixed Pitch Propeller Electric Aircraft Propulsion Systems.
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A Reliability-aware Task Scheduling Algorithm Based on Replication on Heterogeneous Computing Systems.
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The evaluation of trustworthiness to identify health insurance fraud in dentistry.
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A Simulation Study to Improve Performance in the Preparation and Delivery of Antineoplastic Medications at a Community Hospital.
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The Prediction of Severe Sepsis Using SVM Model.
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Relation between task-based diversity and efficiency in multi-robot foraging.
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