Stavros Nousias

According to our database1, Stavros Nousias authored at least 20 papers between 2016 and 2021.

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Fast Mesh Denoising With Data Driven Normal Filtering Using Deep Variational Autoencoders.
IEEE Trans. Ind. Informatics, 2021

Deep CNN Sparse Coding for Real Time Inhaler Sounds Classification.
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A Saliency Aware CNN-Based 3D Model Simplification and Compression Framework for Remote Inspection of Heritage Sites.
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Mesh Saliency Detection Using Convolutional Neural Networks.
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Sparse modeling and optimization tools for energy efficient and reliable IoT.
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Fast mesh denoising with data driven normal filtering using deep autoencoders.
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Fluid-structure interaction simulation framework for cerebral aneurysm wall deformation.
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Assessment of medication adherence in respiratory diseases through deep sparse convolutional coding.
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Recognition of Breathing Activity and Medication Adherence using LSTM Neural Networks.
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Enhancing an Eco-Driving Gamification Platform Through Wearable and Vehicle Sensor Data Integration.
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GamECAR: Gamifying Self-Management of Eco-driving.
ERCIM News, 2018

Exploiting Gamification to Improve Eco-driving Behaviour: The GamECAR Approach.
Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Behavioral Change and Ambient Intelligence for Sustainability, 2018

An mHealth System for Monitoring Medication Adherence in Obstructive Respiratory Diseases Using Content Based Audio Classification.
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3-Class Prediction of Asthma Control Status Using a Gaussian Mixture Model Approach.
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Managing nonuniformities and uncertainties in vehicle-oriented sensor data over next generation networks.
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Uncertainty Management for Wearable IoT Wristband Sensors Using Laplacian-Based Matrix Completion.
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