Steven E. Petersen

According to our database1, Steven E. Petersen authored at least 40 papers between 2001 and 2022.

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Accuracy and reliability of diffusion imaging models.
NeuroImage, 2022

BOLD cofluctuation 'events' are predicted from static functional connectivity.
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Network variants are similar between task and rest states.
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Probabilistic mapping of human functional brain networks identifies regions of high group consensus.
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A set of functionally-defined brain regions with improved representation of the subcortex and cerebellum.
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Removal of high frequency contamination from motion estimates in single-band fMRI saves data without biasing functional connectivity.
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Human Brain Functional Network Organization Is Disrupted After Whole-Brain Radiation Therapy.
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High-fidelity mapping of repetition-related changes in the parietal memory network.
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Behavioral interventions for reducing head motion during MRI scans in children.
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Individual-specific features of brain systems identified with resting state functional correlations.
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Evaluation of Denoising Strategies to Address Motion-Correlated Artifacts in Resting-State Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Data from the Human Connectome Project.
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Recent progress and outstanding issues in motion correction in resting state fMRI.
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An approach for parcellating human cortical areas using resting-state correlations.
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Methods to detect, characterize, and remove motion artifact in resting state fMRI.
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Separable responses to error, ambiguity, and reaction time in cingulo-opercular task control regions.
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Resting-state fMRI in the Human Connectome Project.
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Steps toward optimizing motion artifact removal in functional connectivity MRI; a reply to Carp.
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Function in the human connectome: Task-fMRI and individual differences in behavior.
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Corrigendum to "Spurious but systematic correlations in functional connectivity MRI networks arise from subject motion" [NeuroImage 59 (3) (2012) 2142-2154].
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Spurious but systematic correlations in functional connectivity MRI networks arise from subject motion.
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The mixed block/event-related design.
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The Human Connectome Project: A data acquisition perspective.
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Manipulation of Length and Lexicality Localizes the Functional Neuroanatomy of Phonological Processing in Adult Readers.
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Remember the Source: Dissociating Frontal and Parietal Contributions to Episodic Memory.
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Resting-state functional connectivity in the human brain revealed with diffuse optical tomography.
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Lack of generalizability of sex differences in the fMRI BOLD activity associated with language processing in adults.
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Defining functional areas in individual human brains using resting functional connectivity MRI.
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Dissociating Early and Late Error Signals in Perceptual Recognition.
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A method for using blocked and event-related fMRI data to study "resting state" functional connectivity.
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The development of sustained and transient neural activity.
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Task demands modulate sustained and transient neural activity during visual-matching tasks.
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Comparison of sustained and transient activity in children and adults using a mixed blocked/event-related fMRI design.
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Mixed blocked/event-related designs separate transient and sustained activity in fMRI.
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Automated method for extracting response latencies of subject vocalizations in event-related fMRI experiments.
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Comparison of functional activation foci in children and adults using a common stereotactic space.
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Sustained and transient activity during an object-naming task: a mixed blocked and event-related fMRI study.
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The Feasibility of a Common Stereotactic Space for Children and Adults in fMRI Studies of Development.
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An Event-Related fMRI Study of Overt and Covert Word Stem Completion.
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Direct Comparison of Prefrontal Cortex Regions Engaged by Working and Long-Term Memory Tasks.
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