Kamil Ugurbil

According to our database1, Kamil Ugurbil authored at least 84 papers between 1994 and 2020.

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Ultra-high field (10.5 T) resting state fMRI in the macaque.
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Denoise magnitude diffusion magnetic resonance images via variance-stabilizing transformation and optimal singular-value manipulation.
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A field-monitoring-based approach for correcting eddy-current-induced artifacts of up to the 2<sup>nd</sup> spatial order in human-connectome-project-style multiband diffusion MRI experiment at 7T: A pilot study.
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A Self-Decoupled 32 Channel Receive Array for Human Brain Magnetic Resonance Imaging at 10.5T.
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Scan-Specific Accelerated Mri Reconstruction Using Recurrent Neural Networks In A Regularized Self-Consistent Framework.
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Human Connectome Project-style resting-state functional MRI at 7 Tesla using radiofrequency parallel transmission.
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A critical assessment of data quality and venous effects in sub-millimeter fMRI.
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The UNC/UMN Baby Connectome Project (BCP): An overview of the study design and protocol development.
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A simple geometric analysis method for measuring and mitigating RF induced currents on Deep Brain Stimulation leads by multichannel transmission/reception.
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Self-Supervised Learning of Physics-Based Reconstruction Neural Networks without Fully-Sampled Reference Data.
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The impact of ultra-high field MRI on cognitive and computational neuroimaging.
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Cortical fibers orientation mapping using in-vivo whole brain 7 T diffusion MRI.
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Spatial specificity of the functional MRI blood oxygenation response relative to neuronal activity.
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ConnectomeDB - Sharing human brain connectivity data.
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Tracking Tensor Subspaces with Informative Random Sampling for Real-Time MR Imaging.
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Simultaneous multi-slice Turbo-FLASH imaging with CAIPIRINHA for whole brain distortion-free pseudo-continuous arterial spin labeling at 3 and 7 T.
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A voxel-wise encoding model for early visual areas decodes mental images of remembered scenes.
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Evaluation of slice accelerations using multiband echo planar imaging at 3 T.
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Pushing spatial and temporal resolution for functional and diffusion MRI in the Human Connectome Project.
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The future of the human connectome.
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Whole brain high-resolution functional imaging at ultra high magnetic fields: An application to the analysis of resting state networks.
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Functional magnetic resonance imaging using RASER.
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Modeling and analysis of mechanisms underlying fMRI-based decoding of information conveyed in cortical columns.
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Opening keynote luncheon: "The impact of information technology on health care delivery".
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Mechanisms underlying decoding at 7 T: Ocular dominance columns, broad structures, and macroscopic blood vessels in V1 convey information on the stimulated eye.
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Dynamics of motor-related functional integration during motor sequence learning.
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Linearity of blood-oxygenation-level dependent signal at microvasculature.
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An integrative model for neuronal activity-induced signal changes for gradient and spin echo functional imaging.
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T<sub>1</sub> weighted brain images at 7 Tesla unbiased for Proton Density, T<sub>2</sub><sup>⁎</sup> contrast and RF coil receive B<sub>1</sub> sensitivity with simultaneous vessel visualization.
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