Robert Oostenveld

According to our database1, Robert Oostenveld authored at least 44 papers between 2002 and 2023.

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fNIRS is sensitive to leg activity in the primary motor cortex after systemic artifact correction.
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A unified view on beamformers for M/EEG source reconstruction.
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Sharing individualised template MRI data for MEG source reconstruction: A solution for open data while keeping subject confidentiality.
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Estimating the influence of stroke lesions on MEG source reconstruction.
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Advances in human intracranial electroencephalography research, guidelines and good practices.
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The Human Connectome Project: A retrospective.
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BIDScoin: A User-Friendly Application to Convert Source Data to Brain Imaging Data Structure.
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Rapid changes in brain activity during learning of grapheme-phoneme associations in adults.
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On-scalp MEG sensor localization using magnetic dipole-like coils: A method for highly accurate co-registration.
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Comparison of beamformer implementations for MEG source localization.
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Lead-DBS v2: Towards a comprehensive pipeline for deep brain stimulation imaging.
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Source-reconstruction of the sensorimotor network from resting-state macaque electrocorticography.
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Benchmarking for On-Scalp MEG Sensors.
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Metacognition of attention during tactile discrimination.
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Alpha power indexes task-related networks on large and small scales: A multimodal ECoG study in humans and a non-human primate.
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ConnectomeDB - Sharing human brain connectivity data.
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Neuronal Oscillations with Non-sinusoidal Morphology Produce Spurious Phase-to-Amplitude Coupling and Directionality.
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Real-time MEG neurofeedback training of posterior alpha activity modulates subsequent visual detection performance.
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Predicting the Semantic Category of Internally Generated Words from Neuromagnetic Recordings.
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A shift from prospective to reactive modulation of beta-band oscillations in Parkinson's disease.
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Online and offline tools for head movement compensation in MEG.
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Alpha-band suppression in the visual word form area as a functional bottleneck to consciousness.
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Adding dynamics to the Human Connectome Project with MEG.
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Good practice for conducting and reporting MEG research.
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Oscillatory dynamics of response competition in human sensorimotor cortex.
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An improved index of phase-synchronization for electrophysiological data in the presence of volume-conduction, noise and sample-size bias.
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FieldTrip: Open Source Software for Advanced Analysis of MEG, EEG, and Invasive Electrophysiological Data.
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Academic Software Applications for Electromagnetic Brain Mapping Using MEG and EEG.
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Trial-by-trial coupling between EEG and BOLD identifies networks related to alpha and theta EEG power increases during working memory maintenance.
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Visual areas become less engaged in associative recall following memory stabilization.
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Motor-cortical beta oscillations are modulated by correctness of observed action.
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Cortical responses to contextual influences in amodal completion.
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Localizing human visual gamma-band activity in frequency, time and space.
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Proprioception-Related Evoked Potentials: Origin and Sensitivity to Movement Parameters.
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