Sujoy Roy

According to our database1, Sujoy Roy authored at least 49 papers between 2002 and 2019.

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Evaluation of Sirtuin-3 probe quality and co-expressed genes using literature cohesion.
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Task Relation Networks.
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Landmark Free Face Attribute Prediction.
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Effects of Loss Functions And Target Representations on Adversarial Robustness.
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Personalizing User Interfaces for improving quality of experience in VoD recommender systems.
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OS-Guard: on-site signature based framework for multimedia surveillance data management.
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Don't ask me what i'm like, just watch and listen.
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I2R At ImageCLEF Wikipedia Retrieval 2010.
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Robust Extraction of Secret Bits from Minutiae.
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P System Models for Mechanosensitive Channels.
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In Search of Optimal Codes for DNA Computing.
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