Suman Das

According to our database1, Suman Das authored at least 26 papers between 1997 and 2020.

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Process of Inversion in Fuzzy Interpolation Model using Fuzzy Geometry.
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Linear fuzzy rule base interpolation using fuzzy geometry.
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Fuzzy geometry: Perpendicular to fuzzy line segment.
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'I Understand What You Asked': Question Interpreter for an AI-Based Business Analyst.
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Study of randomness in AES ciphertexts produced by various types of dynamic S-boxes.
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Low cost non contact capacitive gauge glass level transmitter suitable for remote measurement & control.
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A New Advanced User Authentication and Confidentiality Security Service.
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Generation of AES-like 8-bit Random S-Box and Comparative Study on Randomness of Corresponding Ciphertexts with Other 8-bit AES S-Boxes.
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A simple 1-byte 1-clock RC4 design and its efficient implementation in FPGA coprocessor for secured ethernet communication
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Non-preemptive test scheduling for Network-on-Chip(NoC) based systems by reusing NoC as TAM.
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E-CAP: An Extended Capability Based Mechanism to Limit Distributed Denial of Service Attacks.
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